10 Things I Can Do For a Productive Lunch Break

11 Things I Can Do For a Productive Lunch Break | Houston Moms Blog

Recently, I was talking to one of my SAHM friends, and she said something so profound that made me feel more grateful than ever to be a working mom.

It went something like this… “You are so lucky to work — you get a lunch break! An hour a day where you can do anything you want.”

I had never really considered this before, but as I left the conversation and continued about my day, I couldn’t help but think that she was right. An hour of uninterrupted me time every day is a gift, and one I think I use pretty wisely.

Or so I thought.

I did some crowdsourcing among my mom friends and quickly realized that my mom friends make my lunch break look like time well wasted. And now I’ve got some serious lunch break goals in front of me.

11 Things I Can Do On My Lunch Break

1.  Grocery shop :: You know what’s worse than grocery shopping with toddlers? Nothing. There is nothing worse than carting toddlers up and down aisles of temptation with junk food and cheap novelties within their reach. {Who actually buys those random toys? Oh, wait…me. #pickyourbattles} Out of the working moms I polled, grocery shopping topped the list of things we do during our lunch break. Keep a cooler in your trunk, and you’ve made grocery shopping even easier.

2. Take a nap :: Yep, I’ve done this one – in my car, on my co-worker’s couch, or during a quick trip home. Pregnancy will do that to you. And so will Mondays. I’m actually quite proud of my power napping abilities. {Thank you, college.}

3. Eat a meal with adults :: Since after-work happy hours and dinners are on a hiatus until about 2030, lunch has become the time I can meet up with girlfriends without leaving my husband at home being held hostage by our toddlers.

4. Go home and sit in silence :: I’m not sure there is anything much better than being home alone. Except being home alone with wine. Which, I’m quite sure is frowned upon during your lunch break.

5. Get a haircut :: Surprisingly, many moms get their hair done on their lunch hour. Returning to work with a fresh blowout can give you the boost you need to finish the day.

6. Pee by myself :: Because I work, I can do this five days a week – not just on my lunch break – without my toddler busting through the door. Why he feels the need to interrupt me for the 20 seconds I’m out of his sight is beyond my level of comprehension. I just can’t get on his level for this one.

7. Get a mani/pedi :: I do this a lot, especially during the sunny seasons when I can get away with wearing sandals at work. I love that I can sit and read a book or magazine {and not my iPhone} and walk away feeling refreshed.

8. Workout :: So many gyms offer classes at lunch that people smarter than me take advantage of every day. But you don’t have to belong to a gym to increase the number of steps on your FitBit during your lunch hour. Lots of moms I know bring their tennis shoes to the office and take a brisk walk, followed by lunch at their desks.

9. Get a wax :: Clearly, there’s never a good time for this uncomfortable experience. I’m not sure how I can tolerate a complete stranger smearing burning hot wax on my body and then ripping it off. On the other hand, if I see a large insect, I will climb onto the nearest piece of furniture and hunker down. One of life’s great mysteries, really.

10. Shop :: The obvious advantage of shopping during your lunch break is that the crowds are slim. It’s the ideal time to slowly browse the seasonal aisles of Target with your Starbucks in hand. And if you pick the right Target, I just might see you there!

So…what are you up to during your lunch hour? And, what would you add to this list?

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