3 Reasons to Sleep on a Herobed

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By a show of hands, how many of you are feeling EXHAUSTED after this long, hot summer?  Maybe you’ve been logging 40+ hours at work while still trying to make summer memories with your littles, or maybe you’re a SAHM with kiddos home all.day.every.day. since school let out, or maybe you’re like me — constantly trying to juggle it all, even though you haven’t slept in over 6 years and even your big toenails are feeling tired at this point.  {Ya feel me?!}

Whoa.  Wait.  That’s ALL of you?  Okay then, let me take a quick little moment and introduce you to my new best friend … Herobed.

The Herobed is a hybrid mattresses, with a cushiony sleep surface on the outside and 3,000 micro coils on the inside.  It’s literally designed from the inside out to make every precious moment of sleep we get count, and since Herobed is headquartered right here in the good old Houston metro area – they know the importance of keeping cool while you sleep and designed the mattress with an innovative Cool Flow technology.  {Praise!}

After hearing so many great things from friends and online, I was over the moon to get my hands on a Herobed for my daughter’s new big{ger} girl room.  And ya’ll… I may or may not keep crawling in next to her and falling asleep myself at bedtime now too.  Here’s why…

1} The Cool Factor

I mentioned the literal cool factor of this mattress above, but can we also talk about how COOL this mattress is?  It arrives at your doorstep in a box roughly the size of a mini fridge, and then it opens up and expands to full size wherever your heart desires.  My whole family was geeking out over the unboxing process, so I set my kids up in a little cheering section, put my hubby on camera duty, and captured a video for your viewing pleasure.  It’s truly something you have to see to believe.  Check it out.

{Don’t mind my zero makeup, athleisurewear, and ball cap.  I haven’t slept in over six years – remember?}

2} The Comfort Level

I’ll admit…  I didn’t know what to expect from a mattress that arrived at my doorstep in a box.  But this bed is beyond comfortable.  Personally, I love the combination of the pillowy memory foam top with the stability of the coils deep inside, and I’ve even caught my mattress snob of a husband dozing off on it a time or five as he reads our daughter stories at bedtime.  I think it’s safe to say that we have a new favorite mattress in this house, and I’ll know where to head next time we’re in the market for another new one.  Which brings me to my next point…

3} The Price

The Herobed comes at a fantastic pricepoint, especially compared to traditional mattresses that can cost you upwards of 3 – 4 times as much.  And exclusively for Houston Moms Blog readers, they are graciously providing a $100 off coupon code so you can start catching up on all that lost sleep too.  The folks at Herobed are all about championing the working man and woman {including us hard working mamas!}, and they believe we ALL deserve to get a good great night’s sleep.  Personally, I couldn’t agree more!

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Offer :: $100 off any size mattress
{Once you choose your mattress and add it to your cart, simply insert the code into the Coupon Code box to receive your discount.}

As an added bonus, I also have to note that the Herobed box provided a solid week of fun for my kiddos!  {It would have been longer, but mean old mommy had to take it out to the recycling bin sometime.}  The fun surprise of crayons and a cape absolutely made their day, and after they colored all four sides, my son and daughter used that big box to create a clubhouse, a spaceship, a library, a boat, and about a million other fun spaces for them to play.  Which means not only are we getting better sleep around here, but mama got a few hours of quiet each day too.  It’s a summer miracle, I tell ya!

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