3 Simple Easter Projects

Spring is here, and Easter is right around the corner. That means nice weather {hopefully}, egg hunts, picking out that perfect outfit, dying eggs, and of course, celebrating the true reason for Easter – a risen Savior. There are lots of things to do with your kids to make this time fun and exciting, so Amy and I have teamed up to bring you a few creative Easter ideas. I am sharing how I made my girls’ Easter baskets and our resurrection eggs, and Amy is sharing an adorable {and edible} project to do with the kids.

DIY Easter Basket


Although you can buy adorable personalized Easter Baskets, I love to decorate them myself for my girls. It is easy to do and there are so many fun possibilities.  I started with plain, fabric lined baskets from Michael’s, and just hot glued ribbon around the outside starting from the bottom and working my way up. For one of the baskets, I used ribbon sold by the yard from Jo-Ann Fabric Store, and the other I made “ruffles” by hand stitching grosgrain ribbon. I found burlap tags sold in the dollar-ish section of Michael’s, and I used them to make the flag banners with their names. Even though my 5 month old won’t use her basket this year, I still enjoyed making it!

DIY Easter Baskets

Resurrection Eggs

These are a great way to teach your children why we celebrate Easter. Each egg contains a bible verse and an object to symbolize part of the Easter story. Last year our daughter was only 1, but I made these for the kids we mentor and it was a lot of fun to hide them and talk through each egg. You can either make your own using this resurrection egg printable, or you can buy just buy a set of resurrection eggs online.

Resurrection Eggs

Worms and Dirt…Easter Style

Amy here!  I recently saw a pin of chocolate covered strawberries made to look like carrots, and immediately, the wheels started spinning. The kid in me has always LOVED worms and dirt {the dessert, not the real thing…yuck!}, so, naturally, what better way to present these chocolate covered strawberry ‘carrots’ for Easter, than in a carrot patch, complete with the Easter bunny and eggs?!

Worms & Dirt  Easter Style

This was a really easy project {took less than 45 minutes to complete}, and it is something that you could definitely get the kids involved with…and I think it would be a fun addition to a playdate the week of Easter, or for a classroom party.

Ingredients ::

  • Giant Bunny Peep {I found them at Walgreens, locally}
  • Strawberries
  • Wilton Orange Candy Melts {vanilla flavor}
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Oreos
  • Family Size Instant Pudding {Prepare ahead of time and refrigerate to increase firmness}
  • Milk
  • Robins Egg candies
  • Green Food Coloring
  • 10″ Terra Cotta Saucer {though you could definitely make this in a pyrex dish as well!}

Directions ::

  1. Line your saucer with aluminum foil, folding it carefully along the inside edge.
  2. Pour prepared pudding into foil lined saucer and then smooth evenly.
  3. Pour roughly a cup of coconut into a ziplock bag and squeeze 2 or 3 drops of green food color into the bag…shake vigorously to evenly color the coconut – this is a fun job to assign a toddler or young child.
  4. Scrape the filling from 10-12 Oreos and then place the cookies in a ziplock bag. Roughly break up the pieces by hand, and then use a rolling pin to create ‘dirt-like’ crumbs – another kid friendly job!
  5. Prepare candy melts on stove-top or microwave, and dip strawberries into coating, being careful to not get the coating on green stems. Place on wax paper to let coating harden.
  6. Have at it with the cookie crumbs and colored coconut – landscape your carrot patch and grass as desired!
  7. Place your ‘carrots’ and bunny, hide your Easter eggs, and you are done! *Hint :: you may want to prop the bunny peep against the side of the saucer using a toothpick as it has a tendency to tip over.

I’m sure you guys have plenty of other good ideas, so please share your favorite Easter tradition, craft, or activity in the comments below!



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