3 Ways to Celebrate Easter During A Quarantine

Despite the fact that we might not know what today is, the calendar is still going, and Easter is on its way. As being inside becomes our {temporary *crosses fingers *} new normal, I would like to share some ways we can continue to worship {in our separate locations} and enjoy the Easter holiday.

Wear Your Easter Best

It’s true that we will be worshiping inside our living rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up. Get up early and get the family dressed in their Easter best– whatever that looks like for you.

You can even set the living room up so it resembles a gathering, print out church programs,  and assign tasks to each family member, while you watch service online. After church, use your phone and hold a mini photo shoot with the whole family #pictureoritdidnthappen.

Afterwards cook brunch, and set up a Zoom meeting with your neighbors or friends and have a Virtual Easter brunch.  Bonus points if both families plan to eat the same thing!

Easter Egg Hunts

  • Easter Egg Escape room- You can hide clues inside each of the eggs. Once all eggs are found, the kids will need to put the clues together to solve the  mystery.  If you need help try searching on Teachers Pay Teachers for a template.
  • If you have access or the ability to purchase {online of course!} glow sticks you can put them inside of plastic eggs. When the sun sets, hide the eggs around the house or in your own yard. You can also hide the eggs without the glow sticks around the house at night and give the kids flashlights to find them.
  • Create your own Resurrection Eggs or purchase them here. Use the eggs to tell the story of Christ’s Resurrection and allow the meaning of the Holiday  to be combined with a little fun.
  • Check out Houston Moms Blog’s Neighborhood Egg Hunt with coloring pages!

Bunnies are so 2019!

If all else fails skip the eggs and make a new tradition. The Easter holiday is about new life, so sit outside and write a story or paint a picture, watch a movie on Pure Flix. This is a pivotal moment in history; create a positive memory with your family that they can tell their kids.

Whatever you do remember that darkness took over the land before the purpose of Easter was completed. As believers we are promised that He is with us, even in this dark time. 

Stay strong, Houston. A lot can happen in just a few days. 

Need more quarantine resources? Check out Houston Moms’ Ultimate Guide to Quarantine Resources! 

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Houston Moms "3 Ways to Celebrate Easter During a Quarantine" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston


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