5 Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas For Staying In

Not sure about the rest of you, but for me, 2014 is already getting away from me. I mean seriously, I feel like it was just Christmas. However, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby or Target, and it is apparent that Valentine’s Day prep is in full swing.

The husband and I don’t go too crazy for the day of love 1.) because babysitters are expensive and 2.) the husband has a thing about crowds. So each year we try and come up with low key ideas to celebrate at home. We tuck the kiddos in for the night and make the evening all about us. It is kind of our little tradition, and while I would love to get all dolled up {aka take a shower and wear clothes without spit-up, boogers, or fruit snack goop on them} and go out for a fancy dinner, that just isn’t where we are in life right now.

For those of you that get to go out – I am jealous/happy for you. Like 90% happy only 10% jealous.

Or maybe 60/40.

For those of you that find yourself in my boat…WELCOME ABOARD!  And have no fear because your Valentine’s Day can still be a love filled romantic evening, even if it is at home.  All you need is a little creativity. And if you find yourself at a loss, here are some ideas to get you going.


1} SPA NIGHT :: You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to make this work. Turn your home into a relaxing oasis. Massage, foot rubs, bubble baths {oh, I went there}. Get creative. Pour a glass of wine and just unwind and relax with one another. Don’t talk kids, bills, or anything that may get you worked up. Turn on some relaxing tunes…Enya if that is your thing, and ENJOY!

2} ROMANTIC MEAL ::  Turn your dining room into a romantic dining experience. Break out the China, get some flowers and candles, and set the scene. You can make it extra special by picking out a new recipe together and then getting in the kitchen and preparing the meal together. Not only do you get quality time, but also, if the meal is a flop you share the blame!

3} CAMP OUT :: Chances are if you have kids, then you are a master fort builder. Why not build one for you and your honey to snuggle up in and watch a movie? You can kick it up a notch and make some s’mores on the stove {hint – Reese’s peanut butter cups will take those OVER THE TOP} and just snuggle in and watch a new movie or your favorite show. We did this two years ago and watched almost an entire season of  Big Bang.

4} FONDUE FOR TWO :: Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate. And diamonds. But back to the chocolate…you can have a little fondue fun at home. Brownies, marshmallows, raspberries, strawberries… We like to dip Milano Cookies in white chocolate. The sky is the limit really. Enjoy some tasty treats with your love.

5} DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – My husband isn’t one for dancing in public, but at home it’s fair game. Create a playlist of your favorite songs {we like to use our wedding songs} and light some candles. Enjoy a couple spins around the living room. No smokey club or dance hall, just you and your love. It may be out of your comfort zone, or seem silly, but I promise it can be fun and romantic.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, make sure you cut out some time for the one you love. With the chaos of kiddos, schedules, work, etc… it is important to take time to be together just the two of you.

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How will you spend this Valentine’s Day? Do you go out for a night on the town, or do you opt to stay in?

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  1. I LOVE the idea of doing a fondue night!! We went to a friend’s house for NYE for a low-key evening and she made chocolate fondue in the crock pot! It was genius!


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