6 Reasons Your Child Needs a STEM Camp This Summer

If you have an elementary or older child, chances are you have probably heard of STEM :: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. What you might not know is how important a role this acronym plays in your child’s education both currently and in his/her future. {Or that you can fully engage kids within it in summer camp!}

Admittedly, when I think of summer camps, I most often think of athletic adventures or camping in the great outdoors with marshmallows in tow. While Houston Moms Blog loves these type of summer camps, we also believe it’s important not only to exercise our kids’ bodies during those summer months, but also to give their minds a workout! We can’t think of a better way to do that than through a STEM camp. Houston is home to some of the best STEM camps in Texas, and I absolutely love that our sponsors over at Club SciKidz Houston are combining science and technology in a super unique and fun environment. This isn’t your boring “sit in a classroom to be lectured to” camp. Club SciKidz Houston is a hands-on, minds-on, dynamic experience that allows your children to experiment and see STEM at work in the real world. Check, check! So why should STEM matter to you and your child’s education? So glad you asked!


Why Choose STEM Camps?

  1. Preparation for the Future ::

    STEM readies students for high-paying, super cool jobs that don’t exist yet. Your children are taught 21st century skills such as innovation, collaboration, communication, and technology integration. And if you didn’t know, coding is the NEW literacy. Learning to program in various computer languages can help develop new technology that will be vital in tomorrow’s workplace.

  2. Lead the Charge ::

    According to the National Science Foundation, the United States is no longer the leader of technology and innovation. STEM camps start kids out earlier in understanding and engaging themselves in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. All of these are real life skills that can propel us back into the global marketplace.

  3. Where We Came From ::

    See number 2. The U.S. was first when we won the race to land on the moon. Can you imagine not seeing the iconic picture of our flag flying in space? I can’t. What is the “race to the moon” equivalent for 10-20 years from now? Our kids should and NEED to be prepared for those science and technology marvels.

  4. Kids Love It ::

    Taught with effective programs and tools, STEM is fun and engaging – two top priorities when teaching children new skills, am I right? Kids conduct experiments, build structures, and flex their curiosity and questioning muscles. Programs are not only uniquely designed to meet the intellectual needs of ages 4 – 15, but are also rigorously studied to ensure that the children genuinely enjoy learning.

  5. Exploration ::

    STEM allows kids to explore and learn more about the real world. From robotics to video game creation, to oceanography to emergency and veterinary medicine, your child will see the true life impact of science. Suddenly it becomes alive to them rather than just vague concepts taught in a sterile environment. Your kid wants to be a police officer when he/she grows up? Guess what? Forensic science is a huge part of that career path. Want to be the next Top Chef? Hello, food science!

  6. Knowledge Retention ::

    Of course we want our kiddos to be able to relax in the summertime. They’ve pounded the books all school year and deserve a little break, no doubt. But you can only swim and watch TV for so many hours before it’s a total brain drain. I certainly don’t want my kids to lose all the precious ground they gained during the academic year. A few weeks of mind engaging camp is just what the doctor, errrr… scientist ordered!

This year, Club SciKidz Houston is thrilled to offer 36 different camp themes, including 10 new concepts that I know my kids would LOVE to attend…

  • Emergency Veterinarian
  • Minecraft
  • RPG Game Design
  • LEGO EV3
  • Adventures in Cartooning
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Chemistry Concoctions
  • iPhone & iPad Game Design
  • Rocket Scientist

So who’s ready to go STEM this summer? Enroll now to set the wheels in motion, both literally and figuratively.

Club SciKidz Houston

ph :: 713.589.8958

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts on Club SciKidz and the benefits of STEM camps are proudly my own.

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