6 Tips for More Youthful Skin

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with our sponsor Dr. Camille Cash, one of our city’s best board certified plastic surgeons, for the writing of this post. No, I did not go under the knife; instead, I was able to get a feel for all that she and her wonderful team have to offer on their medical spa side. Let me just say that I am beyond impressed, and I’m looking forward to a lifelong relationship with them.

My skin has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. Nothing like snuggling with your four year old when he completely ruins the moment by pointing to and asking, “Mommy, why you eyes blue right there?” My eyes are as brown as brown can be — he was pointing to the dreaded bags under my eyes. Sigh.

Not sure if it was the fact that I turned … umm let’s just say, I hit my mid-thirties, or if it was the toll that my second pregnancy took on my body, but my skin has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. There’s that old wives’ tale about how carrying a girl drains a woman of her beauty so it can all go to her daughter. I’m here to vouch for that one — I totally think it’s true. Not only did I start noticing more fine lines and wrinkles, but the texture and the elasticity of my skin was completely different. My make-up no longer wore the same, and my skin just felt rough and stiff instead of soft and supple. And then there’s the cold, hard truth about the saggy bags under my eyes as told by a 4-year old.

Towards the end of 2014, I decided to make a change, and I deemed that 2015 would be the year I started focusing on taking better care of my skin. I started with a few facials and some microdermabrasion. After just five treatments {two facials and three microdermabrasion sessions}, I could already see some improvement. Then I met with Dr. Cash and her team early this year. I’m beyond pleased with the results so far. My skin feels tighter, but yet softer. I no longer feel that scaly texture when I run my fingers under my jawbone. My combination, normal-oily skin was now more normal overall thanks to the direction of Dr. Cash and her team on the correct products that I should be using for my skin tone and problem areas.

When I met with Dr. Cash, whose office is absolutely gorgeous and very tranquil, she immediately asked what brought me in.  She was never pushy. She listened to my concerns and to my desires and focused on those. I’ll be quite honest, I was a little scared of meeting with a plastic surgeon, but Dr. Cash’s bedside manner was personable and reassuring. Being a female plastic surgeon is still a rare sight in the world of plastic surgery, and as a mom herself, she understands and took time to relate on a personal level, especially when listening to and addressing my concerns and my insecurities. We have a great plan in place, and I couldn’t wait to get started.


 6 tips to maintaining youthful and radiant skin…

  1. Recognize that your skin is your largest body organ — then respect it as that. What goes on our skin gets into our bodies, and visa versa — what goes in our bodies affects our skin.  After my recent visit with Dr. Cash, I left with a handful of products that would help me with this, and unlike the other products that I’ve been suckered to buy in the past, only to quit using just a few weeks afterwards, I’m still diligently using these every, single day.  Why?  Because I can see and feel the difference and the improvement in my skin as a result of those products.
  2. Stay hydrated.  Drinking enough water will help promote healthy skin, flush your body of toxins, and carry nutrients to help boost your overall health.  We can’t say it enough…water is just that important.
  3. Eat more natural foods. When shopping at the grocery store, try to purchase items on the outer parts of the store and avoid the inside aisles of the store, as they tend to be filled with processed foods.  It all goes back up to that first tip that what goes IN our bodies affects our OUTward appearance too.
  4. Wear sunscreen daily. While sunlight and Vitamin D have important health benefits, there is no denying that the sun can also wreak havoc on our skin as well.  Daily sunscreen is such an important step in your skin care regimen, and there are many products out there perfect for us busy moms too.
  5. IMG_3955Find the right products for your skin type. From cleansers to moisturizers to sunscreens, it is so important for us moms to find the right products for not only our skin type — but our lifestyle too.  Dr. Cash and her team carry many different products {even some she makes and brands on her own}, and I was so grateful to have them listen to my goals and to my routine which consisted of needing a gentle, one-step, facial cleanser.  Because with young kids, let’s face it, I don’t have time to use a remover for eye make-up plus a facial cleanser. They gave me just what I was looking for, and I’m in love it with.
  6. Consider Retin-A creams.  These creams might not be safe for everyone, especially if you are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, and/or breastfeeding, or if your skin type isn’t appropriate for this type of treatment.  Many, in the anti-aging field, consider Retin-A creams the gold standard for anti-aging.  I’ve read blog post after blog post and magazine article after magazine article singing praises of Retin-A, but even then I’ve always been scared to try them. Would my skin burn easier? Would my skin dry out and flake? Dr. Cash and her amazing medical aesthetician Kristin reassured me and answered all my questions.  I left with Dr. Cash’s own formulated Retin-A cream called Radiance Cream as well as the below visual on how to safely and successfully use a Retin-A cream. If you’re considering a Retin-A cream, bookmark this — it’s the key to success and to more radiant skin!


If you’re looking for someone to help guide you on the right products for your face and the appropriate procedures for your skin type, I highly recommend that you consider Dr. Camille Cash and her team {I consider her medical aesthetician, Kristin, my new BFF — and she has no idea}.  I love the intimacy you get at their office, but most of all, I feel much safer seeking treatment and using products from a physician-supervised spa.

Camille Cash, M.D.
2150 Richmond Ave #103
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 571-0600

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Dr. Cash and her team are completely my own!

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