7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas

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Let’s be honest… Before I had kiddos, my “pajamas” mainly consisted of an oversized t-shirt of my husbands and some cozy Sofee shorts leftover from my sorority days. Cute, right? Anddd, those still do make an appearance from time to time. But once babies were on the scene, I just could not get enough of itty bitty pajamas for my littles. I mean, the tiny buttons, little footsies, all with a squishy diaper underneath and edible baby fat rolls? I die. And then a few quick years later, we graduated into matching little shorts and tops for the kiddos that are equally as precious.  Now, we have fully evolved into that matching pajama family for special occasions — and I LOVE it. The kids think it’s such fun, and it really is more than just pj’s … we are making memories.

In particular, I am OBSESSED with Hanna Andersson and their sleepwear for families. Straight up crazy for it. Not only do they have the most precious designs, but these pajamas are ridiculously cozy. Like you won’t even want to get to dressed for the day cozy. {Hey, that’s fine by us – we won’t tell!} And ya’ll.  I’m not the only one.  There is this full-blown #ilovemyhannas movement happening right now that is filling the newsfeeds and inspiring overflowing shopping carts everywhere.  So to follow suit, and of course, with ALL of the exciting holidays coming up, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of occasions that absolutely warrant super cute pajamas.  Just be warned – we aren’t responsible for any of the inevitable shopping sprees, mini session scheduling, or runs to their newest location in The Woodlands that might occur after you read this post…

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas

1} Christmas Morning

A friend of ours started this tradition YEARS ago where the entire family would wear matching PJ’s to bed on Christmas Eve and then stay in their jammies all Christmas day long. Loved, loved the idea, so we fully embraced it when we had the twins. Even Gigi and all the uncles and aunts got in on the fun. I mean, is there a better way to spend the day than in super cozy “clothes” and inhaling casseroles, cinnamon rolls, and all things Christmas? I think not. And now that we have purchased our very own Elf on a Shelf {a whole different blog post, trust}, “Louie” actually brings the matching pajamas the night he arrives from the North Pole. It’s a tradition I’ve grown to love and embrace just to see the kids’ excitement.

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms BlogPictured Here >> Assorted Holiday Sleepwear in Dear Deer

2} Halloween

Kids love dressing up for Halloween, clearly. But why not throw in some matching Halloween pajamas to go with the ghouly spirit? I love the ones Hanna Andersson has this year – not creepy, just super festive! {A little secret :: this year’s glows in the dark!} I highly recommend trick ‘or  treating in your costumes, then when you get home, throw on your family pj’s, sort candy, and indulge in one or two {okay, whatever … 10} of your favorites! Bonus points if you already have something slow cooking. Chili + plus matching pjs + candy galore = win!

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Assorted Halloween Sleepwear in Grey Skeleton Crew

3} Family Pictures

I adore this tradition. Of course, it’s always fun to see our friends glammed up and kids dressed to the nines {guilty!} for annual holiday cards, but to see a family in their setting, in coordinating pajamas, well … there is just something super organic and special about that. I actually plan to do this as part of our photo shoot this year because, let’s be honest, that’s way more real than me rocking anything but yoga pants these days.

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Assorted Holiday Sleepwear in St. Nick

4} Birth of a New Sibling

Few things in life are as exciting as welcoming a new child into the family. We love that Hanna Andersson not only has the softest jammies around, but they have coordinating ones for both older and younger siblings. It may seem like a little thing, but I truly believe it’s so important for new big brothers and sisters to feel connected as their worlds turn upside down a bit. And having pj’s that match the littlest addition? Instant connection.

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Assorted Classic Stripes Sleepwear in Ecru/Dark Heather Grey

5} Pajama Day at School

Permission to wear your sleepwear outside of the house? Sign me up! {Wait, I kinda do that every day in the drive through lane, but whatever.} The kiddos LOVE pajama day and honestly can’t believe it’s only once or twice a year. However, some of my fondest memories have included dropping the twins off in matching pj’s at preschool, Monka and Kitty firmly clutched under the arms, ready for a day of movies and memories. Ahhhh, to be 5 again.

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Sleepwear in Sleep Prints

6} Family Vacation

This past January we went to Disney World for the first time. Oh my, what an experience. But what I treasure most is that we all got into the spirit of the adventure with even my husband sporting all things Disney. Did you know Hanna Andersson has Disney PJ’s? It’s true! There were several nights that we just came back to the hotel, thoroughly exhausted, and changed into our jammies to go grab a quick snack. Picture taking opps for sure! Plus, how cute would it be to lay out matching pajamas and socks for the kiddos the night before you leave, especially if it’s a surprise trip? BRILLIANT!  {Oh, and yes, they even have pajamas for dogs – aka dog johns – so Rover doesn’t miss out too!!}

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Assorted Sleepwear in Gnome Sweet Gnome

7} Cousin/Friend Sleepover

Besides just the seasonal and adorable pajamas, Hanna Andersson has an entire line of classics :: think classic stripes and prints, and ranging from baby sleepers to long johns. All of them are made from organic cotton and the word on the street is that not only are they as soft as butter, they LAST. So much so, that several people I’ve talked to have been able to hand them down to siblings and friends so they can enjoy as well. WHAT? All the other sleepwear sets I’ve had in the past pretty much have been discarded because of wear and tear. If another family or cousin can enjoy them, well, wow! For this particular stripe set, I’m thinking a full on night o’ fun at our house with close friends and cousins, pizza and movie night, maybe some ‘smores, and hopefully a little sleep. And if not, then we’ll just stay in our jammies to rest the next day, right?

7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog

Pictured Here >> Assorted Kids Long John Pajamas in Organic Cotton

So are you in? Matching family pajamas for the win! And really, it’s way more than just pajamas. It’s a connection, it’s having fun, it’s being silly, and it’s making memories — while being super cozy to boot. Done and done. While we absolutely love the entire sleepwear collection from Hanna Andersson, we can’t leave out their other amazing goodies too. From boys, girls, baby, and even women and bedding {what?!?}, they have you covered from head to toe. The best news? You can check out all of their offerings online 24/7 or better yet, we highly encourage you to go test out the deliciousness of these baby soft fabrics in person. Just this past weekend, they opened up a brand new storefront at The Woodlands Mall in addition to their other location at the Houston Galleria. Now’s the time to go and check them out – we can’t wait to see your pictures in your PJ’s!

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7 Occasions When You *Need* Cute Pajamas from Hanna Andersson | Houston Moms Blog:: Photo Credit – Lacy Dagerath Photography ::

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