A Houston Moms Guide to Crawfish Season

It’s crawfish season!

If that means anything to you then you know how difficult it is to find great mud bugs {or a great family-friendly restaurant!}. It needs to be really great, not too salty or spicy and not too bland and cold. On our spring bucket list, we like to have our own boil with a giant group of friends, so my husband has the perfect blend of spices that makes the perfect boil. If that’s not your love language, we have compiled a list of where to get the best crawfish in the Houston area::

Houston Moms Blog "The Best Crawfish Places In Houston" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhoustonHow to Cook it at Home

I am married to a Louisiana boy, with a dad from Alabama, so home cooked crawfish has always been a part of my life. My high school graduation party, my engagement party, my sister’s engagement party, and her baby shower were all giant crawfish boils. You’ll need a giant stock pot, a burner, a couple of bags of crawfish, some seasoning, and a few other things to be successful. 

You can buy your crawfish in bags of 30-35 pounds at the local grocery store {HEB or Kroger} or food distributors. On the day of your boil, call the store and make sure they have enough for you. We also like calling around to get the best price. We recommend 3-5 pounds per person. 

When you get your crawfish sacks, you’ll need to open the bag and put them {alive} in a cooler or ice chest and cover them in ice. Now we purge our crawfish. You will need salt for this process. I recommend cleaning your crawfish in the cooler first by rinsing them at least once. Fill the ice chest with water and empty the water through the hole in the bottom of the ice chest. Then spread salt across the crawfish. Leave the salt on for 15 minutes and rinse them again, using the same process as below. Purging removes impurities in the crawfish, like mud or grass. 

Up next you need to get your water heating up and seasoned. We buy this cajun seasoning or whatever is next to the crawfish/seafood section. We do 1 bag of seasoning for every bag of crawfish we cook. {My husband adds one and a half bags of the seasoning, an entire bottle of crab boil, and Tony Chacherie’s for an extra kick} While the water is heating up, squeeze some {6} lemons and throw them in there, throw some peeled garlic cloves, and some red potatoes in there {approximately 1-2 per person at your boil}. My husband adds oranges into the pot as well for extra citrus. Cover the pot and let the water boil. 

Now you can add crawfish to your seasoned, boiling water. You will need a giant scoop for this. You can also add some sausage, mushrooms, and corn {again, 1-2 per person} and let it cook on top of the crawfish. They take the shortest time to cook. Crawfish are cooked when they turn a lighter red color and float to the top {within 5-12 minutes}. 

Wearing gloves, grab the inside slotted pot and pour the bugs and sides on a trash bag covered table. That’s right. Listen to Aunt Jen and cover the table with a black trash bag for easy clean up. We either get these giant trays or just throw it all on the table. 

The Best Restaurants to Get Cooked Crawfish 

Do you crave mud bugs without all of that work? I don’t blame you. Check out these awesome restaurants and let us know which one is your favorite::

Clancy’s Public House {503 FM 359 Rd, Richmond, TX}

Texas Borders Bar and Grill {26440 FM 1093, Richmond TX 77406}

LA Crawfish {Various locations around town}

Fish City Grill {Locations in Katy, Pearland, Sugar Land}

BB’s Tex-Orleans {Various locations around town}

Hank’s Crawfish and Oyster Bar {Locations in Katy and across Houston}

Ragin’ Cajun {Two locations- one off Westheimer and one off Richmond}

Clay’s Restaurant {17717 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084}

There are a million restaurants that serve crawfish so let us know your favorites in the comments. Remember the season is generally mid-January until June, so enjoy! 

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Houston Moms Blog "The Best Crawfish Places In Houston" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

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