A Little Bit of Luck:: Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Each St. Patrick’s Day, my husband and I look forward to making our favorite Shepherd’s Pie recipe. The truth is, the history of the dish is a bit sketchy, so we don’t know if it is truly Irish or English. Either way, we can both confirm it is delicious. I have even allowed him to start helping me. He peels and cubes the potatoes for the mashed potato topping…Hey, it’s progress and helpful. Cooking is joy in action for me, and I love it until I stress about getting the timing perfect. I know not everyone shares this same passion for creating a meal. Lucky for you, I have compiled several different St. Patrick’s Day recipes and ideas to help you celebrate… From something as simple as remembering to purchase Lucky Charms for breakfast, to the aforementioned Shepherd’s Pie. 

Lucky Fun {re: NOT traditional}

Lucky Cereal

A Little Bit of Luck:: Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s DayStep one:: Go to the store and look for the special St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Lucky Charms. If you find them, purchase them {they will turn the milk green for special effect}. If you don’t, buy the regular Lucky Charms. Step two:: Pour into a bowl and add milk. Step three:: Serve to your lucky lad or lass.

Lucky Charms Snack Mix

If Lucky Charms are magically delicious, then this Lucky Charms Snack Mix from House of Nash Eats is next level. It combines the cereal, popcorn, M&Ms, white chocolate, pretzels, and green sprinkles. Warning:: this St. Patrick’s Day recipe is not healthy, but to make the holiday extra fun, it’s probably worth it. 

Green Smoothie

green smoothieFor a healthier option, make a round of green smoothies. Last summer, I shared a few of my favorite smoothie recipes. The green smoothie is first up on this list. 

Rainbow Fruit Tray

rainbow fruit trayThere’s not much science to creating a rainbow out of fruit, but it is sure to be enjoyed. For red, you could use strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, or cherries. For orange, obviously oranges . . . But cantaloupe, peaches, or mandarins would also be terrific. Yellow would be best represented by pineapple, bananas, or even some mangoes. Green grapes, kiwi, or honeydew melon would work for green. Follow that up with blueberries and red {purple} grapes, and your rainbow is complete. If you enjoy fruit dip, put a dish of some on the end like a cloud.

Leprechaun Veggie Tray

The Baker Mama

The Baker Mama has hit a home run with this healthy Leprechaun Snack Board. Hummus makes up the face of the leprechaun, and it is surrounded by lots of green, orange, and white veggies. 

Green Oreo Mint Ice Cream Cake

There’s nothing Irish about this ice cream cake from Bakerella, but it is green and includes Oreos. It is super easy to make, and luckily everyone in my family {and likely yours} will love it!

A Wee Bit Irish {Traditionally Irish recipes . . . Or close enough.}

Traditional Full Irish Brekky

A Little Bit of Luck:: Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s DayMy husband has had a few trips to the UK for work, and while he actually ate a Full English Breakfast, a Full Irish Breakfast would also be near and dear to his heart and stomach. When you think of a hearty breakfast, this one ticks all of the boxes. The blue collar workers would eat this hearty meal before setting out to work on cold mornings. It was thought to give them enough energy to power through the workday. Traditionally, it includes two sunny side up eggs, black and white pudding {one similar to blood sausage and the other lacking the blood}, meaty Canadian-style bacon, halved and roasted tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, toast, Kerrygold Irish butter {THE BEST}, and marmalade or jam. Of course, a good strong cuppa Irish Breakfast Tea would accompany the meal. 

Irish Soda Bread

 Sally’s Baking Addiction

Irish Soda Bread is definitely Irish, and it is a quick bread. If COVID quarantine got you to work on perfecting your Sourdough loaf, then this is the recipe for you to try this St. Patrick’s Day. Everything I have made from Sally’s Baking Addiction is delicious, and this is actually her Irish grandmother’s recipe.

ColcannonColcannon is a combination of potatoes and cabbage that is similar to mashed potatoes. Oh, and there’s bacon, too! On a cold day, I think this would be a lovely side dish for a hearty meal. 

Shepherd’s Pie

Listen, Irish or English, this Shepherd’s Pie is divine. Because I tend to use recipes as a guide only {not a baker}, I sub ground lamb in place of the beef in this St. Patrick’s Day recipe. I also like to warm up some heavy whipping cream for the mashed potatoes. But the most important ingredient is the Irish beer! When we made this during Snowpocalypse, we used a locally made red Irish ale. My husband told me that night that if anyone asks him what his favorite food is and he doesn’t say “Shepherd’s Pie” that he’s lying. Best compliment ever.

Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee is delicious, but the timing of when to drink it may be tricky due to the combination of caffeine and Irish whiskey. If you luck out and find the perfect time to drink this Irish spiked coffee, you won’t be disappointed. And with only four ingredients, this St. Patrick’s Day recipe is super simple to make.

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day recipes to share? 

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