A Love Letter to My Three Year Old

Dear Three Year Old,

I cannot believe three years have passed since you changed my life forever.  Actually, I’m typing this a few days before your third birthday, so three years ago today I was sitting on bed rest.  And I was cranky.  But I was praying non stop that you wouldn’t make your entry into the world too early.  This prayer wasn’t answered.  I shortly learned that you would be early anyway, so I began praying for a strong-willed baby.  A baby that would fight to grow, fight to become healthy and to come home to your daddy and me.  That prayer was answered.

You are absolutely strong-willed.  You challenge me and your daddy on a daily basis.  You watch us stare you straight in the eyes – and you see that we win whatever battle we’ve waged with you at that time {probably over bedtime}, but you don’t see us walk out of the room and burst into laughter when it’s all over.  We laugh because the words coming out of your mouth were brilliant.  We laugh because you don’t back down.  We laugh because it’s yet another reminder of what a miracle you really are.

You constantly amaze us with your sense of humor, your charm, and your kindness.  You know how to melt my heart with butterfly kisses.  You already know how to bat your eyelashes at your daddy to get whatever you want.  And you are so concerned when I stump my toe or one of our animals is sick.  You even offer up one of your prized bandaids to help us feel better.  I pray that you never lose your sense of compassion.

Right now, you’re into an interesting mix of Disney Princesses and Dinosaurs.  I love that your favorite princess at the moment is Rapunzel.  She’s the princess that can take care of herself and doesn’t get pushed around, which is something I love to see in you.  But I also love that you will come running to me out of nowhere and say “I need my mommy!”  Scooping you into my arms and snuggling you is the second best thing in the world.  Being your mommy is the first.

Someday you’ll grow up.  Someday you will decide you’re too old to snuggle in my lap.  Someday you’ll roll your eyes when I tell you “I love you to the moon and back” every night at bedtime.  I know it sounds silly, but you won’t ever understand the power of my love for you until you have a child of your own {and I pray she’s strong-willed too!}.

Honey, I can’t promise you that life will always be easy.  I can’t promise that you won’t face bullies or have tough times.  I can’t promise that you’ll get a brand new car on your 16th birthday.  I can’t promise that you’ll always have the newest gadget or the latest, in-style clothes.  And I can’t promise that some boy won’t break your heart.  But when you look back on your life, I can promise you’ll know this…you are loved.

I love you to the moon and back,


12-6-2014-heather-8am-161Photo Credit :: Karen Jacot Photography


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