From Raising Kids to Starting a New Career :: A Mom’s Tale of Reinvention

This August, when all of the kids eagerly step back into their classrooms there’s going to be a new kid, er, a big kid, going back to school with them. It is only fitting that on the 20thanniversary of my high school graduation {Go Cobras!}, I will be going back to high school, only this time as Sra. Gorosito :: High School Spanish teacher.

I love my children dearly but I also crave professional fulfilment alongside with my coveted role as mom to three boys. Therefore, I am choosing to reinvent myself and my career. This is not the first time I have made a career change and I also enjoy the excitement of a new challenge. As my journey into motherhood continues to evolve with its twists, turns and discoveries, so does my path as a career woman. I am quickly realizing that every job or role I have ever taken on, has been preparing me for this new role.

So why this particular career choice and how did I get here? It’s been a journey years in the making…

Building a Career

At the early start of my career, I worked for a very large international cosmetics firm. I was there for 10 years and even through the birth of all three boys. I traveled a lot and I loved it. I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures. I find it fascinating to talk to people from all walks of life. For the first five years there, I worked in the training department and essentially, I was a teacher. I taught adults about skin structures, the intricacies of each product, how to sell it, and how manage situations at the point of sale. Each area of the world I worked with had its unique cultural sensitivities. This experience will serve me well with so many different learning styles and student cultures.  A career reinvention took place eventually because now I had three growing boys, one who had recently been diagnosed with autism. My mom had also recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and such began a new journey where that pesky word “balance” was at the top of my priority list. So after 10 great years it was good bye fancy shoes and hello fitness entrepreneur.

My Life as an Entrepreneur

I took over a business. A fitness business that allowed me to be present for my boy as we navigated the early, confusing world of autism and the crazy, scary world of cancer with my mom. Now I didn’t  just wake up one day and say I’m going to be a fitness professional! I started teaching step aerobics when I was 17 and had taught different exercise formats throughout the years as a side hustle. It now became my full time gig while taking care of my family full time.  I am forever grateful for the time I spent growing and nurturing that business. I am immensely proud of the work we did there and the lives we were able to impact. It also taught me many lessons on entrepreneurship, relationship building, perseverance and integrity. While I loved it for many years, the time had come to move on and find a new career challenge. So good bye leggings and hello Sra. Gorosito.

Saying Yes to a New Opportunity

I think I always knew in the back of my mind and in my heart that the classroom is where I needed to be. Everytime I went on an interview, something just didn’t feel right in my gut yet I was so disappointed when the job went to someone else. God closed several doors for the right one to open. I prayed about it. I asked others to pray about it. I could hear the quiet whispers telling me to pursue an alternative teaching certification and I kept choosing to ignore. I usually require God to send me a text message or an email when he has clear directions for me but he doesn’t seem to dig that requirement of mine, yet the signs and the path were always so clear! I love to mentor and I love to teach. I also am one of those rare people that thinks teenagers are pretty cool and have a lot to offer. I love to see their minds work, decipher and have A-HA moments. It is such a challenging time to be a teenager and if I can positively impact even just one, my heart will be happy. My hope is to impact many more than one. As much as I enjoyed the perks of traveling for work, I needed a new career that will allow me to be available for my boys as they continue to grow and come into their teenage years, while also allowing me to do work that is meaningful. I know that this will be a very challenging year ahead but I am looking forward to it. I have an all too familiar mix of excitement and nervousness for the first day, just like the kids.

It is amazing how we as women have the ability to reinvent ourselves as needed, regardless of the reason why and regardless of whether we choose to become a full time SAHM, WAHM, doctor, teacher, lawyer, road warrior, direct sales or whatever your case may be. As our seasons of motherhood change, so can our career choices and there is something very exciting about jumping into a new adventure. So if you’ve been thinking about making a change, I say go for it! We are resilient and I truly believe motherhood prepares you for many unexpected opportunities in the career world!

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Maria is a Cuban born, Miami raised, officially made-it-to-Texas mom of 3 who has called the Katy area home for the past 11 years. Growing up in Miami has played a central role in Maria's cultural identity and how she is raising her kiddos. While attending Florida International University {Go Panthers!}, she met a cute boy named Alex. He had the most amazing smile and a head full of hair and since getting married and adding Daniel {November 2007}, Nicolas {January 2010} and Matteo {June 2011} to the family, he now has no hair but still an amazing smile! Maria was lucky enough to travel to far away places during her time working for a large international firm but switched gears after having kids to focus on another passion – helping people through fitness. She believes we are always a work in progress and we shouldn’t be afraid to reinvent ourselves! When she’s not chasing her three boys, Maria enjoys date nights, distance running, binge watching HGTV and enjoying a little vino with her friends!



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