A Personal Journey:: Finding Your Best Self with Profile By Sanford

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It’s no secret that we are always looking for products or services that our mommas are going to love. We are in the business of helping moms however we can and to get them the resources that they need to succeed. One of the problem areas we have is feeling as healthy as possible and finding how to feel more like ourselves than we ever have before. Whether it is working out to feel strong, losing weight to feel healthier, or just realizing that we are #morethanaMOM, we are on the hunt for great services. 

Another mom, Chances Connors, one of our readers, was looking for a similar product for her journey. She found Profile by Sanford, subsequently finding herself. Houston Moms Blog and Profile by Sanford are proud to share her story and her journey to finding her best self:: 

“Growing up, I always felt chubby. There was overwhelming pressure to be thin, so at 16 I got my first bottle of diet pills. I lost a lot of weight from using them, but when the FDA eventually banned them and I no longer had access, I felt trapped. I had been so pleased with my weight loss that I knew I needed to find something else. That was the start of my struggle with disordered eating. 

With support from my husband, I pulled myself away from my destructive behavior. When I was 25, I received a devastating diagnosis of thyroid cancer, and it all sent me spiraling. The number on the scale crept back up again and I was starting to accept that there was nothing I could do to help myself. I had tried countless diet and exercise programs-even prescribed medication, but something was missing.  Everything emphasized taking things out of my diet, but not how to incorporate all of the vital nutrients my body needed to function.

One day, I was ready to give up. The loss of my thyroid made losing weight almost impossible.  I was one click away from ordering diet pills when the phone rang. Something in me said, “Stop what you’re doing and answer it.” That voice changed my life. It turned out I had won a free membership from Profile by Sanford, so I decided to give it one last shot.  

If I had found Profile earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time torturing my body. Before, being thin no matter what was my answer to happiness. But nothing compares to the this newfound energy and feeling like myself again. The Profile coaches not only equipped me with knowledge and tools, but empowerment to make my own decisions that lead to maintaining a healthy weight. It was so encouraging to have someone there to guide me on this journey.  For the first time since my diagnosis, I feel amazing! I can confidently say I am the happiest and healthiest I have EVER been.”

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We want to thank Chances Connors, of Katy, for her candor and her vulnerability to share her story with our audience. If you want to check out Profile by Sanford and their individualized plans, use the promo code CHANCES for a great discount! 

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