A Screen-Free Summer Experience

Houston Moms Blog is proud to partner with excellent area camps like T Bar M. We hope your family will take advantage of their screen-free summer ideas!

If you Google “screen time and kids statistics”, the results are staggering. In summation, you will find astonishing numbers revealing kids are spending more and more time on screens, and less and less time active, outside and interacting in face to face relationships. As parents, this isn’t new information, and its likely we’ve sought to remedy this modern day dilemma by setting boundaries in the way our family interacts with electronics.

But what if for one week this summer, devices were out of sight and out of mind? Imagine with us, a screen free summer experience… with relationships so engaging, social media is an afterthought, and your kids having fun beyond their wildest imagination.

At T Bar M Camps, we value the power of play and the influence of relationships so much, that we set electronics and screens aside for the week to fully engage with the experience of camp.

Powerful Play

Summer days can stretch pretty long when we’re attempting to keep our kids entertained, and it’s hard not to let the iPad become an everyday crutch. But, at T Bar M Camps, without wasting an ounce of fun, we aim to make the most of each moment, playing with purpose. From sunrise to light’s out, a camper’s day is planned, prepared for and played out with intentional thought.

“Imagine… relationships so engaging, social media is an afterthought and your kids having fun beyond their wildest dreams.”

Even meal times, while marked by silly songs and traditions, are centered sitting together around a big wooden table, serving one another. From the sports field to the lake, and the ropes course to the blob, campers are trying new things, taking healthy risks and are overcoming fears, all while encouraging one another. When kids are freed from distractions and liberated from peer pressure, a different kind of fun is experienced and they grow more confident in their own skin.

Authentic Relationships

Today, so much of our relating happens through a screen, and when we choose this way of communicating, we handicap our capacity to understand and empathize with one another, missing out on the power of authentic relationships.

But when your child has the undivided attention of a colleges student, fueled with passion and devoted to serve, an influential role model emerges. While some camps call them counselors, at T Bar M, we call them Coaches. They are the heartbeat of camp, facilitating your child’s experience with the key ingredient that matters most, a relationship. For these college students this is not ‘just a summer job’, it’s an opportunity to give back, make an impact, to be a part of something greater than themselves. These students give, with energy and enthusiasm, because they believe their investment is worth the difference it will make in a child’s life.

“When your child has the undivided attention of a college student… a role model emerges.”

With a different kind of fun, and a different kind of relating, a screen free summer experience is bound to make a difference in the life of your child. Make their summer matter.

Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parent can give their children. T Bar M Camps builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.

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