Accepting Motherhood on Mother’s Day

One of my closest friends lives in Austin, Texas, and we both had babies within a few months of each other. She and I met during our freshman year at the University of Texas and went through a multitude of college experiences together: break-ups, fights, dorm food, 6th street, becoming runners {say what?}, gossip, The OC {I mean seriously…everything}.

The other day, our kids finally met. It wasn’t until, on a lovely Houston spring day, as I pushed my stroller down the sidewalk side by side with my former college roommate and her own child-filled stroller, did I realize that, dang, my life is so different now. I am a mom…with mom friends.
Of course in the six months since I’ve given birth I have had plenty of mommy moments. For example, I was standing in the kitchen eating a sandwich with my infant on my hip. She spit up suddenly…and it kept on coming. Down her arm, down my shirt, into my elbow pit, and onto the floor. You know what I did? I finished my sandwich. Then I cleaned it up, okay? {Wink.} And let’s not get into the baby poop-related examples of mommy life. But all of these experiences simply felt like funny stories that happened in this little bubble where being a mom is just a behind-the-scenes part of my life.

While I was fully aware of my looming mommy lifestyle around this time last year {hello, preggo!}, I was still in la la land. I didn’t fully expect any sort Mother’s Day celebration, which is why I became incredibly emotional when my family surprised me with cards and gifts. Although I hadn’t said anything, and maybe didn’t fully accept the role just yet, I did want the acknowledgment – it had been a rough first trimester! {PRO TIP :: Remember this when your friends and family are pregnant.}

This year, Mother’s Day is so incredibly meaningful because my child is out of the womb, she is thriving, and she is showing me how to be a mom. I’ve had a wonderful support network: my family has been there for me countless times, my friends have shown Lila Sophia, Daniel, and I so much kindness, and the Houston Moms Blog community gives the best advice!

For so long I have been in denial and felt like I haven’t thrown my whole self into motherhood {despite my Lila Sophia riddled Instagram feed. Ha!}. I’ve lost a couple very close friends to this life change already, and I have been afraid to lose more. But I have also gained another family, I’ve grown closer to friends who were once distant, and my life has become so much more enriched. I welcome my first Mother’s Day with open arms, an open heart, and an open mind. Stroller twinning with my dear friend sealed the deal. I have nothing to hide, this is my our life now, and I love it. {Watch out, Facebook feed!}

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Go all out! You are strong, brave, amazing, and have nothing to hide!




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