Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas Available on Amazon

For last minute shoppers in need of amazing Father’s Day gift ideas, we have you covered, from clothing to gadgets to books, all available on Amazon.

Happy {almost} Father’s Day! 

For us, Father’s Day is sandwiched between my kids’ birthdays, so oftentimes I forget about Father’s Day. At the very least, I am a last minute shopper, in need of Father’s Day gift ideas that will arrive on my doorstep in two days {Thanks Amazon Prime!!}. 

Here are the best options {IMO} for the DADS in my life :: 


Shirts are my husband’s love language, I think. He has so many t- shirts and wears them proudly. I would much rather him wear one of these rather than one of the scary-looking band shirts he usually wears. 


Celebrating a first Father’s Day  {or ANNOUNCING something?!} Get this onesie and tag us on social media so we can squeal with you!

Father's Day gift ideas :: onesie


There is nothing cuter than my husband reading to my kids. I love the silly voices he uses and the bonds that they create during the 20 minutes of reading time they have before bed. Here are some great books that highlight how special dads are. 


Want a personalized option?? Personalize one of these books to celebrate the dad in your life ::


Grilling and Entertaining

My dad LOVES to grill. My mom loves throwing parties. These gifts speak to both of those loves. I’m gonna be over on the couch drinking wine while they do all of this work, patting myself on the back for being so thoughtful. 


Father’s Day Gift Ideas My Husband Added to this list :: 

When I told my husband I was looking for Amazon Prime ideas for blog posts {generally, not specific to this post}, he sent me a long list of cool items on Amazon. He actually found a couple of these dress ideas and a few more for other posts. These were ones that were DAD specific, so I thought I would throw them into his gift bag as well. 


We love DADS on HMB. Thanks for always supporting us and being there for us. You may tell super corny jokes and take wayyyy too long in the bathroom, but we love you and couldn’t do this parenting thing without you! 

Happy Shopping! 

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