An Electricity Plan for Every Mom and Lifestyle

We are proud to partner with Reliant to share with Houston moms their "Pick Your Free" electricity plans.

One of the most common New Years resolutions Houston moms make is finding ways to save their families money. And the most obvious way to do this is to cut out unnecessary extras like those too-frequent trips to Starbucks or subscriptions to every single streaming service out there. But other budget adjustments are trickier, especially with those costs that can’t be eliminated, like paying for electricity or groceries. However, there are ways to save money on recurring monthly bills. Meal planning helps tremendously with the cost of feeding your family, and picking the right electricity plan can significantly lower the cost your family pays to keep your home functioning and comfortable all year long. 

When it comes to electricity usage, not all families are the same. Reliant recognizes that peak-usage times vary among families, and with their new “Pick Your Free” experience, they are now giving customers a choice of plans so Houston moms can personalize their electricity plan for their family!

Reliant is the only retail electric provider in Texas currently offering three free time-of-use plans simultaneously to help its customers find the best fit for their lifestyle – Reliant Truly Free Weekends, Truly Free Nights, and its new plan Truly Free 7 Days, all with a Google Nest Hub at no additional cost. And when they say a time period is free, it actually is. That’s why they call it “truly free”. 

The plan that is right for you depends on what kind of mom you are and your lifestyle.

The “No Day is the Same” Mom

Are you a stay at home mom or working mom who travels frequently? Are there some weeks you are home all day every day and every appliance in your home is running non-stop? Are there other weeks you feel like you live in your car and can’t remember the last time you ran your washing machine or turned on your oven? 

If this is you, the Reliant Truly Free 7 Days plan, their newest option, may be right for you. This plan offers free electricity for the seven highest usage days every monthly billing cycle. This plan works best for customers who do not want to worry about when they use electricity the most. 

The “Get it Done on the Weekends” Mom

An Electricity Plan for Every Mom and Lifestyle

Are you a busy bee during the week, working, running kids to school and sports, and don’t spend a lot of time at home cooking, doing laundry, or running the air conditioner?

For your lifestyle, the Reliant Truly Free Weekends may be the best choice. This plan offers free electricity every weekend, from 8 p.m. Friday to 12 a.m. Monday. This plan works best for customers who can hold or move their high electricity usage activities to the weekend. 

The “Night Owl” Mom

Are you a night owl, a mom who is most productive in the hours after the kids go to bed? Do you catch up on email, laundry and your favorite shows late at night? Or, when you do go to bed, do. you like to crank the A/C down for the simple pleasure of sleeping extra cool on hot Texas nights? 

If this is you,Reliant Truly Free Nights offers free electricity every night, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This plan works best for customers who use their electronics, appliances and AC most in the evening.

All three of Reliant’s Truly Free plans include a FREE Google Nest Hub {a $129 value} when you sign up. Reliant’s continued partnership with Google allows customers to monitor and manage their energy use, so they can shift usage and activities according to their plan and maximize their savings.

Saving money on electricity shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. Contact Reliant today to “Pick Your Free“. 

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