An Ode to Fathers

I have been celebrating Father’s Day for thirty-something years a LONG time now, but this year…after laughing and crying along with all of the amazing Houston Dads Blog posts…I am looking at it in a whole new way.  And I finally think I am really starting to get it.  This holiday is not just about new neckties or fancy steak dinners.  It isn’t about a special day on the golf course or even those precious handprint cards.  No.  It is about celebrating the men who made our dreams of motherhood become a reality.  It is about the men who helped us create such precious little lives and grow them into the children we adore.  It is about the men who all too often get overlooked and pushed to the side when it comes to this whole parenting gig.  After all, we certainly couldn’t do this all ourselves.

So I decided to reach out to one of the dads that I deem the absolute best – my own.  And I asked him to tell me a little bit about what he thinks Father’s Day is.  {You know, since he is pretty much a veteran at this whole thing by now.}  And even though he wants everyone to make note that he is NOT a blogger, I think he did a pretty incredible job of summing it up…

Father’s Day is typically viewed as just that, a single day in which we Fathers are revered and made to feel special for upholding all that comes with being “Dad.” Being fairly far along on my “Dad” journey, with two kids in their thirties and five grandkids, I am blessed to have 365 Father’s Days every year.

We all know that being a father is a daunting job. Thankfully, nature’s way is that most of us are shielded by youth and naivety from just how daunting the job ahead of us is when children come into our lives. Heaven knows there are no instruction books that are handed out in the delivery room or when adoption papers are signed.

If we love our children unconditionally, do our best to live life as good example for those “all seeing” and “all hearing” little eyes and ears, and have some luck along the way, our kids will grow into the wonderful people that we always hoped that they would.

As I watch my kids love their children unconditionally and live productive, hard working lives, the rewards are immeasurable. The bad news is that the “Father’s Day” that comes along each June isn’t necessarily a big deal. The good news is that I enjoy the benefits of Father’s Day 365 days a year.

Scan{Me, my dad, and my bro circa 198-something.  Don’t mind the pose and the fingerless pink gloves.  It’s the family love that counts.}

Well, Noni {that’s what I call him, even to this day} – I am sorry to break it to you….but today IS a big deal, and you and every other dad on this world deserve to be celebrated!  We are so very thankful for the role that you play in the lives of us and our children, and we hope you all know how much you are loved and appreciated.  See – the entire Houston Moms Blog team agrees…

Andrea ::

I have two amazing dads in my life that have brought two very different perspectives on parenting and love through the years. Not only that, they set a great example of what to look for in a future husband. I found it! Brandon is exactly who God was preparing for my life and now an amazing and thoughtful father to our little girls. Thank God for Dads!

Becky ::

I knew Chris would be the most amazing Daddy when I married him, but he blows me away daily. Our girls adore him and for good reason. He reads Fancy Nancy, twirls on our “dance floor,” isn’t above wearing tiaras, teaches them to love the St. Louis Cardinals, does bath time every night, prays over them as he tucks them in, disciplines with grace, is their biggest fan {alongside me}, teaches them not to quit, works hard each day to provide for us… I could go on and on. It’s not easy being parents, but I’m so glad I get to do it alongside Chris Kiser. 

Breonna ::

I knew Tyrone would be a great dad when he let me sleep in our first night home and took the early shift on parenting. Addy and I are extremely lucky.

Chelsea ::

Thank you to my husband for being such an amazing dad to Jack. You keep us all smiling! Jack’s one lucky little guy to have such an amazing father plus four grandfathers who all love him very much. There’s no shortage of male role models who are great dads in this family!

Heather ::

I’m thankful that my daughter has a Pops and a Grandpa that dote on her and love her endlessly. I’m also thankful for a husband that doesn’t think twice when his little girl asks him to host tea parties, play princess, or dance with her. Happy Father’s Day!

Jana ::

I am thankful for my dad who has always been there for me and now I have the joy of seeing him be a grandad to my little girls. And I am thankful for my husband who is such a wonderful dad. He is faithful, dependable, hilarious, fun, good at tickling, matching bows with outfits, and he kills all the bugs for us!

Jenn ::

This Father’s Day I’m feeling so very blessed. I’m grateful for the dad that showed me growing up that I am worthy of a fairy tale and the daddy that makes that fairy tale a reality each and every day of our lives together.

Jessica ::

Josh Samet is the best kept secret in all of Houston! Me, Olivia, Laine, and Owen are so lucky we have him taking care of us in this crazy life!! Best co-pilot! Best Dad! Done! And watching my dad being Papa to my three is like reliving all of the best moments of my childhood. Looking forward to celebrating our boys today!!

Lauren ::

I am thankful for my dad aka Pop who is truly one-of-a-kind. Also, my husband and the best daddy to our little 6 pack. He works hard to support our family and still finds energy to be 100% involved at home. Happy Father’s Day!

Meagan ::

This Father’s Day, I am so thankful that I was blessed with a daddy who truly embodied the spirit of everything a father should be. My only regret is that he’s not here to see our pretty fantastic kiddos. Matt, you are my lobster and my love. I simply couldn’t ask for a better partner in this whole crazy roller coaster of parenthood. You are the most selfless person and there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t put our children and family first in every decision you make. Thank you for 5:30pm rescues, endless playing time, silly games, bath time duty, and the other million things you do to keep me sane. I love you- happy Father’s Day!

Melissa ::

So grateful to my Spouse for being an intentional dad. He loves and leads us well! Happy Father’s Day!

Misty ::

That old saying that you marry someone like your dad was TRUE in my case! I love you, Martin Reim and Chuck Williston…you both are loving, caring, goofy, crazy-fun, sensitive, hard-working, and all ’round GOOD GUYS! How’d I get so lucky!?!?

Sarah ::

My children are the luckiest kids alive! They have a dad that keeps them at the center of his world, that loves with his whole being, and is constantly striving to be better than the day before. And they also get Pappy, my own dad. The man that I will never find enough words or ways to say THANK YOU to!

Tiffanie ::

Shout out to my husband and my baby daddy! Thank you for putting family first all day, every day and for always taking the 11pm-3am shift. Mwah!

Father's Day

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