An Open Letter to Toddler Moms

A few months ago, I shared a post titled, “An Open Letter to New Moms.”  It was intended to encourage new mothers who were feeling overwhelmed and defeated.  To let them know they’re not alone.  The very same day that post went live, I experienced the first “Terrible Two” meltdown with my daughter Skeeter.  At the time I thought it was impressive, but we’ve since seen better.  And this prompted The Open Letter to Toddler Moms.

Open Letter to Toddler Moms

Dear Toddler Mom,

There are smushed Cheerios on the seats of your car.  You can sing the Doc McStuffins theme song in your sleep – in fact, your husband says you actually did the other night.  You went to work with a Donald Duck sticker on your rear end…and didn’t find it until this evening when you were cooking dinner.  {True story.}

The tantrums are at a whole new level.  How dare you turn on Ariel, when she clearly wanted Elsa?  I mean, she asked for Ariel, but don’t you read minds?  Also, she wanted chicken nuggets for dinner- no, wait, now she wants pizza.  Or cookies.  No cookies!  Stop it, mommy.  Apple juice, please?  Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?  Doesn’t matter, that’s all she’ll eat for dinner anyway.  Did she just throw the apple juice on the floor?  And these are just the tantrums that we can semi-explain.

What about the tantrum on the way to the park the other day?  When you had to carry a flailing screaming toddler all the way home?  You had no idea what caused it, but you were sure someone would stop you and accuse you of kidnapping that poor little girl.  Actually, you wished they would have.  Maybe the nice officer would give you a ride home.  Or just turn on his siren – that should distract her, right?

The laundry you just folded is now artfully strewn across the floor.  You can’t remember the last time you used the restroom without fingers sticking under the door or someone yelling “Moooommmmmmmyyyyyyy” through the door.  Is there a wine delivery service in town?

I know today seems hard.  But soak it up.  Because one day you’ll wish for these days back.  Someday you’ll shed a tear thinking about the little hands that were “helping” with the laundry.  You’ll miss the hours spent dancing to Disney Princess music.  Holding tea parties on her bedroom floor will be a memory.  Plus, think of all the calories you burned carrying a thirty pound resisting child home.  Definitely enough for a margarita, right?

Soak it up.  Sing “Let It Go” at the top of your lungs.  Run in circles around the house.  Have a wine break as necessary.  It’ll all be okay.  Bedtime is near.

You’ve STILL got this, momma.

Sending lots of love,

All of Us

An Open Letter to Toddler Moms

These days may be exhausting, but they’re the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  I can’t count the number of ways every day she makes me laugh or measure the amount of joy she brings along with the frustration.  I enjoy nothing more than watching her learn something new or being amazed at what she already knows.  I love watching the tiny baby grow into a little girl and develop a distinct personality.  No matter what, I am absolutely blessed to be a toddler mom.


  1. I don’t wish toddler years on anyone lol! It’s the years after I long for… Between toddler and school. They’re so sweet at four/five!


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