An Unexpected Perk as a Reliant Customer That I Didn’t Know I Needed

While this is a sponsored post, all of our thoughts are proudly are own. We are proud to partner with Houston-based Reliant Energy on all of their initiatives.

I’m mediumly in tune to technology. I understand it. I can program my parent’s DVR and I can usually answer any question they have about their phones. When all of the Alexas and Siri’s came out, I passed. “I didn’t have it before and I don’t need it now.” Maybe that grumpiness came from my old age. I felt the same way about Instagram. “I’m on Facebook and that’s all I need.” Fast forward to today as I mindlessly scroll through IG while asking Google what the temperature is outside. 

It’s not entirely my fault. I am a Reliant customer and I love being a Reliant customer! I actually did a Facebook Live on HMB’s Facebook page for Reliant and their important portable power generators. Their customer service is top notch, in my opinion, which brings me to the Google Home Hub. When we signed my parents up for Reliant’s Truly Free Weekends plan, they received a Google Home Hub, a new smart display with the Google Assistant, which they so generously gifted to us! I was hesitant, but my husband, the tech nerd, was super excited to sync our Reliant account to the smart display.  He loves the fact that we can interact and manage our electricity use through voice commands and the Hub’s 7-inch screen. Reliant is also the first energy company in the U.S. using Google’s Assistant developer tools to create visual displays that provide personalized energy information.

My husband has also been researching how the Google Home Hub can simplify our lives. We put ours in our kitchen and once we set it up to recognize our voices {and set up the filters to make sure the kids are watching appropriate things}, we set it up to our smart home devices, like our thermostat, cameras, and locks. I also played around with the video content and the recipes. Meanwhile, my husband loves the fact that it can keep up with our electricity usage and charges. I’ve come downstairs a few times to hear him say, “Hey Google, ask Reliant, how much electricity am I using?” or “Hey Google, ask Reliant, how much is my bill.” You can also set a reminder for Google to notify you automatically when your free weekend begins.

The coolest feature, in my adult-who-pays-the-bills opinion, is how we can control the temperature of our home with our Nest thermostat. It seamlessly connects to the Google Home Hub with simple commands like :: “Hey Google, make it warmer.” You can create personalized daily routines to help keep your energy use down by saying :: “Hey Google, good morning,” to launch reminders, weather and commute updates. You can also unwind with your evening routine, just say “Hey Google, good night” to set the thermostat, turn off lights and much more. 

My only complaint is that the kids love playing that ridiculous “Gummy Bear Song” or “Baby Shark Song” on repeat. “Hey Google, play the Gummy Bear Song” may become the next no-no phrase. However, it does help me seem like a like a better parent when I actually dress the kids appropriately for the weather, instead of just guessing, which has been my go-to method until recently. 

Ok, I may have started out as a disbeliever with a free piece of technology I knew nothing about, but quickly I saw how important and useful the Google Home Hub is. I became a believer. Much like with Instagram, I am no longer opposed to the integration of technology and the Google Home into our lives. I’m so impressed with how much it has saved us on our energy bill and the yummy Keto-friendly dinner recipes I have found from it. 

Reliant is the premier retail electricity provider for Google Home and Nest products in Texas. This collaboration allows us, the consumers, to really get the best combination of important services. Find out more about the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan and receive a Google Home Hub at no cost by visiting the website or by calling 1-866-Reliant. Truly Free Weekends begin at 8 p.m. Friday and end at 12:00am Sunday.

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