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Parenting never gets any easier, does it?? Worrying starts from the very beginning. “Are they eating enough? Sleeping enough? Talking enough? Walking soon enough?” It feels like just the beginning of a lifetime of worrying. When I started thinking about preschool and where to send my kids {or even WHEN to send her to school}, I heard the terrifying tales of parents waiting in line from 4am {and STILL not at the front of the line!!} only to be put on the waitlist or not get the school they wanted. Y’all, that terrified me to my very core and not only because momma needs her sleep. The toxic beginning of school is not what I want to show my kiddos. 

Thank goodness I found an exciting resource that helps streamline the application process. Yes, I know it is still overwhelming to think about school for 2019-2020 in January, but Apply Houston has made it easier for you to seek out and submit your PK-12th grade school applications. 

If you have ever seen the exciting commercials or banner ads for Houston-area charter school and strived to know more, now is the time for you to start researching. The application deadline of February 10 is approaching and Apply Houston gives you the options to apply to 65+ public charter schools with a single application.

Apply Houston is unique to Texas, which is probably my favorite part, and it connects a mom to a huge network of 66 tuition-free campuses in and around Houston. They work tirelessly to get the best schools a part of their network, including the addition of ResponsiveEd to the Apply Houston network in 2018 for the 2019/2020 school year that added 6 additional campuses for parents to choose from for their children. 
These schools are legit, momma, and boast some amazing benefits that can be seen at all levels. Instead of your kid becoming “lost in the system”, they are seen and valued. These schools are able to personalize education to fit your child, not the other way around. Each child is known and loved. As a mom, that is a huge benefit for me. I worry about my girl losing her personality or getting a teacher who doesn’t see how special and unique she is, instead yells at her for being goofy or isn’t patient when she gets a word wrong during reading time. 
Apply Houston is a huge, amazing resource for us because it takes the guesswork out of picking a school. Instead of locking them into a school or education that may not fit them later on, they are given the opportunity to grow and keep their individuality.


Did we mention this is absolutely FREE to you?! It is! Families Empowered is a free resource to parents who would like to learn more about their options and understand the application process. Parents can sign up for services on their website  or can get real-time help with their applications by calling their local office at 713-589-8767.
For free, in-person help with ApplyHouston {and all other!} applications, they are hosting Office Hours at our office February 4th – 8th from 12pm – 2pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 3pm – 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We’d love for our Houston Moms Blog readers to take advantage of this generous offer. 

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