Christy G

Christy grew up in Cajun Country. After graduating from LSU, she worked as an editor for a Louisiana chef. After Hurricane Katrina devastated her home state, she assisted in the recovery efforts, which ultimately moved her to Houston. Christy and Ryan were married in St. Lucia in 2006. Five years later, after welcoming their first child, Lilla {March 2011}, she became a high school English and Photojournalism teacher. After Flynn {March 2013} joined their family, Christy became a stay-at-home mom. Soon after, the family jumped at the chance to move to Perth, Western Australia. After almost four years, they relocated to Santiago, Chile. Both places {and their wines} hold a special place in her heart. Christy enjoys cheering on her beloved LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints, texting friends in complete sentences, taking heaps of photos, planning vacations, advocating for our planet, and cooking delicious meals in her kitchen.
teacher sitting on desk smiling

Start the School Year Thanking Teachers

We've all roamed the aisles of Target by now, and we've seen that all things "Back to School" are back in stores. It is August, so that means within a week or two, nearly...
woman shopping in car on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Time: A Guide to Amazon Prime Day

It's Prime time you cash in on some of the good deals Amazon Prime Day sends your way. Amazon Prime Day is actually two days this year, July 12 and 13. *You must be...

It’s Cool: Taste Testing 6 Frozen Treats

Although it's not officially summer in the Houston area, the weather DID NOT get the memo. To cool off on these scorching hot days, you and your family will need some cool treats. Lucky...
woman under anesthesia surrounded by medical professionals

Crap! It’s Time for a Colonoscopy

I pinched my nose as I quickly tried to gulp down the colonoscopy prep liquid. It is the very worst part of the whole procedure, but it's necessary. Colonoscopies are necessary, too. According to Memorial...
highly sensitive woman peeks through hands covering her face

Highly Sensitive? Me, Too

Once upon a time, there was a woman living abroad and feeling overwhelmed by life. She had a gut feeling that maybe she just felt things more deeply than others. So, what did she...

A Celebration of Sleep

A holiday celebrating sleep is one that I can definitely get behind. Festival of Sleep Day is held on January 3 of each year, after all of the stress and celebrations of the big...

Five Craveable Christmas Cookies and Candies

Christmastime is here! You know, the time of year for all things merry, jolly, over the top, indulgent, stress-inducing, and fun? Just me? Doubtful. Anyway, I have decided to focus on the indulgent part...
working mom holding daughters hand as they walk to school

From Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom

I didn't see it coming. The transition to being a working mom outside of the home after spending eight full years without earning a paycheck, was sudden. You see, I had parameters for accepting employment.  I...

Three Favorite Fall Recipes

Hello, Autumn. It is officially my favorite season of the year: Fall, y'all. Part of the reason I love fall is that Houston goes from feeling like a sweltering steam room to a bath...

Exploring Enneagram: Lucky Number Seven

This year, our Houston Moms writers will be giving you first-hand accounts of life behind their Enneagram type. For an introduction to the Enneagram, see this post, and then read on as Christy shares...