Alana Holmes

Alana was born and raised on Galveston Island, which thanks to surviving hurricanes solidified her stubborn streak. After one too many dust storms, Alana transferred from Texas Tech to University of Houston, graduating with a degree in communications. She worked briefly in media and the non-profit sector until she found her calling in higher education. Adamant she was too independent to marry or have children, Alana promptly fell in love with and married Eric, a middle school administrator. They have two vivacious daughters - Adelaide {October 2013} and Eliza {May 2017}. Somehow, Alana and Eric are also responsible for three dogs and two cats. The partridge in a pear tree arrives next week. Team Holmes loves Inner Loop life: exploring museums, restaurants and catching sporting events {Go Coogs, Owls & Astros!}. Alana is known for her curiosity, fierce loyalty and sarcastic yet enduring personality. She loves dance parties in the kitchen, painting, or reading because even though she knows she won’t read every brilliant book ever written, she’s no quitter. Alana also writes about grief, politics and religion on

Lent is for Everyone: A Time for Quiet, Service, and Listening

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