Amy H

Amy is originally from northern Maine but she has completed over 20 moves around the world. The last 6 years have seen Amy and her family in Norway, France, and England. Spring, Texas has been their home base off and on for the last 9 years and feels like home. Amy has always loved the thrill of treasure hunting for vintage and antique pieces and living overseas only made that more fun. When Amy moved back from France she came back with her own antique business, Brocante Treasures. When Amy isn’t sharing her love for antiques she is loving on her kiddos, Addison {April 2017}, Bennett {June 2009}, Garrett {December 2010}, and Malachi {October 2013}. You can follow Amy’s adventures and old plates @BrocanteTreasures on Instagram, or on her blog Broconte Treasures.
World Refugee Day | Houston Moms Blog

World Refugee Day:: How You Can Welcome Refugees to Houston

June 20 is World Refugee Day, a day designated to bring awareness to the millions of refugees across the world.  Have you ever had to flee? I have moved a lot, but I have never...

The Life Changing Magic of Milking a Cow

  "That was a life changing experience!" Bennett, my self proclaimed gamer, exclaimed after he got to milk a cow. He wasn't milking just any cow either. He was milking the star of the Bluebell...
Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas

Antique Week in Round Top, Texas is one of my favorite events, but I missed out on years of this amazing antique wonderland because I was afraid to take my kids with me. Now...
The Sock Bench:: A Measure of My Mommy Mental Health | Houston Moms Blog

The Sock Bench :: A Measure of My Mommy Mental Health

I am a mom and an antique dealer, so it is not surprising that we have old furniture in our house. I adore the antique pieces I have collected while living in Norway, France,...
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