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Andrea S

Andrea is wife to her sweetheart Brandon and mom to Claire {Aug 2009} and Daisy {Sept 2012}…otherwise known as the “ABCD Crew.” After working as a full-time TV producer for more than a decade, Andrea now does freelance producing and content writing. Her favorites :: Jesus, running the greenbelts in Kingwood, smoothies, red wine, thrifting and 10 minute power naps. She would love to connect with you on her blog AndreaSlaydon.com, on Pinterest {Andrea Slaydon}, or through Twitter {@AndreaSlaydon}.
6 Things My Cat Taught Me About Parenting | Houston Moms Blog

6 Things My Cat Taught Me About Parenting

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am a cat person. I never thought I would say those words... but here I am. I'm admitting it. And, turns out having a cat around has...
10 Kid-Friendly Stops fro Houston Restaurant Weeks | Houston Moms Blog

10 Kid Friendly Stops for Houston Restaurant Weeks 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for Houston foodies it is! This year, Houston Restaurant Weeks runs from August 1st - September 3rd. What started as just one week is now a full...
10 Must Have Items to Survive a Whole30 | Houston Moms Blog

10 Must Have Items to Survive a Whole30

Clearer skin, better sleep, bloating gone... yep, these are just some of the great things I have experienced while doing a Whole30. In case you haven't heard, the Whole30 is a program where you...

20 Last Minute Mother’s Day Deals

Life is busy and somehow we are just days away from Mother's Day!  It's OK! We are here to help. There are still a lot of last minute gift options when it comes to...
A young girl wearing a floral dress and standing on a small rock.

That Time My Kid Wore the Same Dress for 45 Days Straight

I'm pretty open about how I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to this parenting thing. I basically do a pretty good job at keeping my children alive, semi-happy and mostly...
A spilled container of popcorn and gummy bears.

5 Reasons to Take the Kids to See “The Greatest Showman”

I was all in for Frozen and about halfway in for Moana,  but by this point in my mom life I have seen my fill of cartoons. So, when one of my kids suggested...
How My Career as a TV Producer Made Me a Good Mom | Houston Moms Blog

How My Career as a TV Producer Made Me a Good Mom

I’ve always loved writing and keeping up with current events. I watched CNN as a kid and made my little sister do radio shows with me using a cassette tape recorder. So, when it...

10 Rules for Beginner Runners

There is nothing better than a nice run to start off your day, or a quick jog to work off some stress. Sometimes if I'm especially grouchy my husband will give me that look...
50 plus non toy gift ideas. A photograph of a wrapped present. Logo: Houston Moms Blog.

50+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Houston Kids!

I hate to sound all first-world here, but sometimes too many toys during the holidays can be a problem.  We really try to focus Christmas on the birth of Jesus, so the overload of toys...

‘Twas The Night Before The Big Houston Snowfall…

We don’t have to tell you, 2017 has been a roller coaster year for the people of Houston. But as we close out the year, we were given the most perfect gift. Snow... 'Twas the...