Ann Herlocher

Ann grew up in central Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State, where she met and later married her husband, Cory. They moved to Houston in 2007 and she started working in the nonprofit sector handling communications and marketing. She’s mom to three kids, Jack {June 2104}, Colin {September 2016}, and Abby {April 2019} and had every intention of being a working mom, but several months after their first was born her husband’s job led them to Calgary, Alberta Canada. After moving back to the area in September 2017, they gave up their previous inner loop status for suburban roots and are living in Spring. In her free time, Ann loves starting projects she never seems to finish, reading a good book and binge watching something other than Frozen or Dino Dan. Connect with her via Instagram {@annherlocher}.
A collage of five Elf on the Shelf positions. From top to bottom left to right: The elf is wearing a mask and next to a manger scene, The elf is taped to glass with the words "The floor is lava" next to him, the elf is wearing a mask and next to a present with a sign, the elf is hanging by a candy cane to a string, the elf is wearing a mask and holding a crafted fishing rod with goldfish surrounding it on top of a covered toilet bowl.

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