Ashley KB

Ashley KB was born in Long Beach, CA, but spent most of her childhood in Denver, CO. She was very athletic growing up, and she loved running track and playing volleyball. Ashley ventured to Oklahoma where she attended Langston University and transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma. Ashley graduated with an English degree from the UCO in 2011. Ashley was married to A.J. for six years... but it just didn't work out. And that's OK! They have three wild, precious, hilarious sons, Oliver {October 2012, Maverick {August 2015} and Reeve {August 2017} who make life so incredibly meaningful. She also has a snuggly fur baby, Luna. In her free time, she can be found binge watching The Office {for the millionth time}, listening to inappropriate podcasts, or oversharing on Instagram @theofficialbossmama and her personal blog.

A Houston Moms Guide to June 2021

Summer, summer time, y'all! School's out, sun's out and we are all getting out of the house again. Worried about how to keep your family busy? No worries, Houston Moms has you covered! The...

10 Recipes That Don’t Skimp on the Shrimp

Bubba Blue, Forrest Gump's war buddy, had it right... "Shrimp is the fruit of the sea." Such a versatile and delicious underwater critter deserves to be celebrated. And celebrate, we shall! May 10th is National Shrimp...

2021 Houston Vacation Bible School {VBS} Guide

Vacation Bible School is back! 2020 limited most of the fun activities for our kids, but we can all be thankful that 2021 is allowing us to fill up our summer calendars again! VBS {Vacation...

I Tried:: My Yes Day Story

The "Yes Day" movie popped up on my Netflix profile a few weeks ago, and after hovering on the picture for a beat, the trailer started abruptly. As I scrambled for the remote to...

Dear Hendrix:: Peace, Promises, and Permanent Paw Prints

Dear Hendrix, my first fur baby, our family's loyal friend, our love:: January 26th was a normal day.   The boys played with you much like they had always done over the past seven years. They asked...

I Come First:: No Shame in my Solo Sex Game

"It'll be years before you experience amazing, satisfying sex." "I'm already having MIND-BLOWING sex..." She looked at me quizzically, with some Oh, little girl, you have no idea doubt.  My aunt meant well. She thought she was...
field of sunflowers

Seeking the Sun:: Etching Sunflower Vibes into your Life

I did a thing for my 33rd birthday. Two years in the making, but the history behind my love of the sunflower goes way, way back.  When I was four, my mother and I roadtripped...

Move Over, Santa:: Creating Christmas Magic Without Kris Kringle

I have always had a very limited imagination. Could never fully enjoy the tales of hobbits on quests for mythical rings. Have always struggled to entertain urban legends and never had any interest in the #TeamEdward/...

Friday Favorites:: Edition 12

Happy Friday! I am so excited to share some of my fave things these days! These goodies make me giddy, ease a little stress, and give me some peace of mind. I hope they...

2020 Curveball:: Adding Homeschool Teacher to my Resume

I really didn't want to. This was not part of my plan. But, I chose to take this route for the time being. The best choice for my kids; a rough choice for me...
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