Britany B

Britany is currently lost in Houston, but not worried because she brought plenty of snacks. An avid traveler with a wild, squishy heart--she birthed one baby in New Orleans, the other, in Amsterdam. She recently bought a dog, named him Dragon, and brags to strangers about it. In a former life, she owned a wedding planning business; misses the free cake, the most. When she isn’t avoiding cooking AT ALL COSTS, she is trying to squeeze out some good words, hoping to make a living by using her imagination and pen to scare children (the next great kidlit series, they say). She prefers her drinks dirty. Is anxious. Kind of wishes it was Halloween. And will likely hug you a beat too long and make it weird.

Found in December :: Second Chances, Zip Lining, and Other Magical Things

There's magic hidden in December. The leftovers from a year of wishing, finding refuge among an assortment of discarded big plans and several breaded things.  And eggnog. Things tend to get stuck there.  Next month, there will...

Bathtub Confessional :: Forgiveness for Mothers

I can be found dancing. Almost, any day. Likely, in the kitchen. Where I don’t cook. It’s slow. Cheek to mushy cheek, with a doll consumed in curls. She calls me MAMA!, with a forced twang and excess...

Give Yourself the Creeps :: A Preparation Guide for Halloween

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.” -Fredric Brown Great horror doesn’t require you to bleed. It has little interest in your screams. It doesn't recall the...

Confessions of a Bibliophile :: How Books Can Save a Life

It's pronounced bib·li·o·phil. But I try to make it sound fancier by extending the last "l" for an additional beat.  I've been told it almost works.  She's a lover of books. A connoisseur of odd words. A shameless...

Growing Wildflowers :: Preparing Two {Very} Different Hearts For School

My daughter is a storm that greets you at midnight. Grand in its entrance. Waking you just enough to lose your dream. Then unleashing fury when you attempt to ignore its presence. Magnificent, but...
Dear Sister, I Swaddle and I Know Things | Houston Moms Blog

Dear Sister :: I Swaddle and I Know Things {Motherhood Secrets from your Big...

Sister, Just to be clear, while you are rocking that bump, I could literally beat you in ANY footrace. Also, I'd likely dominate at anything that involves hiding. Or recalling objects from memory. Or, like, reaching...

Chance of Rain :: The Seven Day Storm {A Panic Attack Story}

I didn’t politely sit down on the couch. I crumbled, face first, weary and defeated, into the nearest cushion. Didn’t even glance for crumbs. Wouldn’t have minded their indentions. It was after 9:00 PM, but before...
Leftovers :: Scars, Party Napkins, and Other Remains | Houston Moms Blog

Leftovers :: Scars, Party Napkins, and Other Remains

I try not to take it personally—I’m not known for my cooking prowess or adventurous nature in the kitchen. It’s certainly not why he married me. But as my children leave half of their lovingly prepared...

On Humility :: A Mother Brags About Befriending Monsters and Lying to Her Children

When my son was three years old, he became friends with a fly.  This story doesn't end well. Not knowing the strong {very real} attachment my toddler had developed for the insect in the mere 75...
Turning Pages :: Read Across America Day | Houston Moms Blog

Turning Pages :: Read Across America Day

I remember exactly how many pages my mother got through before pausing to lick the very tip of her right index finger. An almost formidable act, followed immediately by a quick turn of the...
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