Celeste R

Celeste R. was born in Houston, Texas and raised in the tiny town of Simonton where she grew up helping at her family’s business. Today, you can find Celeste reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with her daughter, Cali, or in the gym working on her fitness. A self-proclaimed homebody, she’s in Heaven on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of coffee, but will venture out for a concert or a good ‘ol H-Town sporting event. Celeste is a professional in the Commercial Real Estate industry and currently sits on two committees for Houston’s Building Owners and Managers Association. On the weekends, she stays busy with working at her parent’s greenhouses or pouring into her new online boutique, Moxie & Minx, where she sells custom, hand-made bracelets. While Celeste has many professional roles and a side-hustle, the job she’s most proud of is being a single Mom. She feels that raising a bright daughter with a heart of gold is her biggest accomplishment to date. It was through life’s tragedies and triumphs that Celeste developed a personal growth mindset and now aspires to share her wisdom with other women through writing. You can follow Celeste’s journey of Motherhood, fitness, occasional travels, and inspirational posts on Instagram @onlyoneceleste.

The Loss of Life:: A Powerful Reminder of Impermanence

There are moments in life when we are gently reminded that nothing lasts forever; things like the loss of a job, the end of a friendship, sending our kids off to college, or moving...