Christine N

Christine was raised in Houston almost all her life, but currently resides in Sugar Land with her family. She graduated with a teaching degree from the University of Houston and taught elementary school for eight wonderful years.  She met her husband Martin while they both were teaching CCE at a local parish.  Together they have five beautiful children Madison {September 2005}, Caden {April 2007}, Cohen {April 2008}, Mason {August 2009}, and Anna-Marie {November 2016}.  Christine is also a self-taught baker, cake designer, and owner of The Sweet Boutique Bakery.  In 2016, her family felt a huge calling to open up their hearts and home to fostering babies.  When Christine isn’t juggling work, being an active school mom, or caring for her foster baby, you will find her creating DIY home projects, crafting, party planning, baking with her kids, and traveling with her family.  You can read more of her family shenanigans on The Sweet Boutique's Blog.
Three adjacent tents set up in carpeted room and connected by bunting. In front of each tent is a caboodle..

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent

Updated August 2022 In my tween slumber party post, I briefly touched on the super easy DIY no sew tents I made.  Since then, I've had so many people asking for step-by-step instructions. What a...

Baking with Kids:: How to Make Donuts and Donut Holes

Making donuts couldn't have been more easy with this semi-homemade recipe. My kids would have made hundreds if they could but the amount that this recipe yielded was the perfect amount of donuts for...

Kids Corona Confessions:: Madi L. {Middle Schooler}

The U.S, today, stands at the peak of a pyramid, but not for the reasons you would expect. As of Friday, March 27 we have hit roughly 85.5 thousand cases of the corona virus...

Love, Laughter, and Gilmore Girls:: The Show that Strengthened a Mother-Daughter Bond

Gilmore Girls is more than just a television show for my daughter and me. When we were drifting apart in the midst of the teen years, this quirky drama brought us back together. When I...
Tired Mom Tales from the Toddler Trenches

Tired Mom Tales from the Toddler Trenches

"Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for." --Jerry Seinfield Yessssssss! Absolutely true. My youngest is very sweet, affectionate, and an overall good listener. Did I luck out...

Thanksgiving Prep Made Easy

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You're surrounded by people that you care about, sharing a delicious feast that took hours to prepare, and you can eat as much pie as you want {who doesn't...
15 Reasons Why Growing Up in the 1980s was the Best. A photograph of a cluster of cassette tapes all labeled Hits.

15 Reasons Why Growing up in the 1980s was the Best

I love shows like Stranger Things and seeing the 1980s represented {minus the demogordens}. I've always talked to my kids about how it was like growing up in that decade but this show brings...
Creative Toddler Busy Box for Families on the Go | Houston Moms Blog

Creative Toddler Busy Box for Families on the Go

Do you try and take your toddler to a restaurant but just end up frustrated? Instead of just staying home, keep your toddler occupied and entertained with a toddler busy box.  Toddlers are naturally curious...
Margarita Lime Bar Recipe:: The Perfect Treat for Cinco De Mayo | Houston Moms Blog

Margarita Lime Bar Recipe :: The Perfect Treat for Cinco de Mayo

  Cinco de Mayo is just days away. There will be plenty of great Mexican food and margaritas available in Houston's amazing restaurants, but if you want the perfect tasty treat to make at home,...

My 13 Year Old Called Me Out on My Parenting, and It was Just...

Having a newborn means sleepless nights, round-the-clock feedings and worrying about why the baby is crying.  I wished that I could say to all new parents that it will get easier, but it doesn't....