Cindy E

Cindy was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. She has a BS from the University of Texas at Austin in elementary education and a M.Ed in curriculum and instruction from Houston Baptist University. Cindy married her high school sweetheart, Stuart, after 10 years of dating. Stuart and Cindy are the parents of two beautiful girls and an adorable miniature schnauzer. In her spare time, Cindy loves to bake and try new recipes. In fact, her greatest ambition in life is to be a contestant on the Great American Baking Show one day. Cindy is also a huge Backstreet Boys fan and has seen them live in concert 9 times! Cindy has enjoyed writing her entire life and loves being a contributor for HMB.

Easy Weeknight Meals To Add To Your Dinner Rotation!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplants

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How to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month With Your Family

Growing up as the child of Taiwanese immigrants, I often took for granted all the ways that my parents sought to help me embrace and preserve my heritage. After getting married and beginning my...
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Husband Appreciation Day: 9 Ways to Celebrate Him

The third Saturday of this month, April 16, 2022, is National Husband Appreciation Day! If your reaction to this is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking–hmm, is this day even actually a thing? And...

I Was A Dog Mom First:: Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Companion

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Celebrate National Pancake Day in Houston

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Where to Get the Best Pie in Houston {Or Make Your Own!}

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Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate Bombs in Houston

A warm, homemade cup of hot chocolate is hard to beat, and it is a holiday tradition that I have enjoyed sharing with my children. A fairly new novelty that my kiddos and I...