Emily F

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Emily moved to Sugar Land, Texas as a young girl. She studied journalism and psychology at UT Austin, and has experience in newspaper reporting, technical writing, and freelance writing. When she can, she works on writing her first-ever book. Somehow, Emily randomly ends up living abroad for short stints of time. In 2007, while attempting to heal a broken heart, she moved to Bilbao, Spain, and completed a six-month work-study program. Despite swearing off serious relationships, her husband, Oren, swooped in shortly after her return. They struggled with infertility, but were ultimately rewarded with their two precious children, Mayer {June 2013} and Juliet {April 2015}. In 2019, Emily’s family relocated to Montpellier, France, for Oren’s job. They managed to learn the language, forever spoiled their taste buds, and saw some really beautiful things. Now back in Houston, they are eating all the Tex-Mex and enjoying family.

Hopping Right Into Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins early this year – exactly two days after Thanksgiving {insert emoji with the sweat drop on its brow}. Still, it’s better than the time it began on Thanksgiving. That was fun. Honestly though,...

There’s No Place Like Home: A Houston Expat Returns to Her Roots

  Was it all a dream? It wasn't as easy as clicking my ruby red slippers three times and chanting the words: There's no place like home {but oh, how I've always wanted a pair of...

Dipping Apples in Honey: Celebrating an Extra Sweet Rosh Hashanah

  The other day, as I was putting away laundry, I heard my six-year-old singing a popular Rosh Hashanah song that I've heard thousands of times throughout my life: "I like to hear the shofar blast. Sometimes...

See You Soon, Not Goodbye:: The Beauty of an Expat Friendship

I met her on my kids' first day of international school in a foreign country. My husband had already left back to Houston for a conference, and I, a new expat, was still getting...

A Confined Hanukkah in France:: Remembering What is Important

We are on our second lockdown here in France {although, some restrictions have been lifted, and we are looking at the end of confinement by December 15th}, and just like all the holidays and...

A Year in France, and 10 Things I Have Learned Along the Way

It is finally summer here in Montpellier, and we have been out of confinement for nearly eight weeks. It has been interesting adapting to our new normal since the coronavirus pandemic hit and turned...

A Terrible Loss:: Experiencing my Worst Case Scenario from Abroad

A heaviness weighs on me like a cold, wet blanket. The sadness I feel from his absence is palpable. My father-in-law was just here in Montpellier in September. He was healthy, vibrant, strong. And...

Confessions of a Relocation Amateur:: Finding Beauty in Rough Edges

I having been living in France for exactly one month, and there has been a moment each day that I feel like I want to give up and go back home to Houston. There...
Becoming a Houston Expat:: Au Revior, and See You on the Other Side | Houston Moms Blog

Becoming a Houston Expat:: Au Revoir, and See You on the Other Side

This month, Houston Moms Blog is saying goodbye for now to our contributor Emily,  whose family is moving to France. Here, she shares her reflections on leaving our city to become a Houston expat. It came...
Conquering the Pediatric Dentist with my Highly Sensitive Child | Houston Moms Blog

Conquering the Pediatric Dentist Office with my Highly Sensitive Child

  Never has it been more apparent that my two kids' personalities are polar opposites – we're talking night and day – than when I take them to their six month check-ups at their pediatric...