Heather M

Heather graduated from Houston Baptist University where she met {and later married} her husband Ben. They moved away from the city so this small town girl could feel at home, but still have access to the beach and to all H-Town has to offer. She's a full-time working mom to their daughter {March 2012} & son {September 2016} and often blogs about her experiences with severe preeclampsia and the NICU. She loves sangria, a good book, Texas Country music...and her three fur babies. Connect with Heather on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

5 Tips for Taking a Baby to Disney World

I had been dying to take my daughter to Disney World for as long as I can remember. I made some wonderful memories at Disney World growing up and wanted her to have the...

The HMB Team’s 2017 Book Recommendations

I love to read.  Some of my earliest memories involve running into the tiny bookstore at our mall and begging my mom to buy me "just one more book."  The bookworm in me evolved...
Texans Win! Freebies and Deals Around Houston | Houston Moms Blog

Texans Win! {Your List of Freebies & Deals All Around Town}

A win for the Texans means freebies and discounts for you! {...and in some cases, even a loss means you get a deal.} We've put together a great list of area businesses and restaurants who...

When Mommy Goes to the Hospital to Have a Baby

Preparing for a new baby can be stressful.  Between all of the "Must Have" lists and unsolicited advice, it can be absolutely overwhelming to figure out how to best get ready for a new...
A pregnant woman with her hands on her belly.

It Happened Again… On Having Severe Preeclampsia for the Second Time

I was overjoyed to learn that I was pregnant for the second time.  My first pregnancy ended with a premature baby in the NICU while I recovered from severe preeclampsia, so I spent this...

The ONLY Stroller You’ll Ever Need

I am slightly stroller obsessed; at one point, I owned four of them.  They offer convenience and protection to babies and toddlers in the Texas heat.  They provide shade and an easy way to tote all of...

3 Ways You Can Support the March of Dimes This Year

Last September, my son was born at 33 weeks gestation.  He was my second preemie, with my daughter born at 32 weeks gestation just four years earlier.  Their NICU experiences were similar: weight gain...
I Threw Up On My Daughter's First Day of Daycare | Houston Moms Blog

I Threw Up On My Daughter’s First Day of Daycare

The end of my maternity leave snuck up on me far too quickly with my first baby. I tried my best to soak up every single minute with her, but before I knew, it...
How I Became a Milk Donor | Houston Moms Blog

How I Became A Milk Donor

When my oldest child was born prematurely, I dreamed of producing enough breast milk to be able to donate *even a little* to other preemies whose mothers couldn't produce milk.  I pumped around the clock,...

Practical Tips for the NICU Mom

NICU stays can be completely overwhelming and scary, but there are ways to make that phase of life easier. I gathered some of my favorite ideas from fellow NICU veterans to share. It's important...