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Heather M

Heather graduated from Houston Baptist University where she met {and later married} her husband Ben. They moved away from the city so this small town girl could feel at home, but still have access to the beach and to all H-Town has to offer. She's a full-time working mom to their daughter {March 2012} & son {September 2016} and often blogs about her experiences with severe preeclampsia and the NICU. She loves sangria, a good book, Texas Country music...and her three fur babies. Connect with Heather on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Finding Peace In Being "Done" | Houston Moms Blog

Finding Peace In Being “Done”

I cannot have any more children. Correction :: I will not have any more children. Physically speaking, I probably could get pregnant again. And maybe, just maybe, I could carry that baby to term. But I’m...
Please Don't Touch the Baby | Houston Moms Blog

Please Don’t Touch the Baby

Tiny fingers and little toes. Squishy cheeks. Chunky thigh rolls. And, oh my goodness, that smell. A new baby just begs to be snuggled, kissed on, and maybe squeezed a little. But can we all...

A Mother’s First Day in the NICU

My first round as a NICU momma was four years ago with my premature daughter. She spent 25 days in the neonatal intensive care unit {NICU} before being released. The experience took a toll...

Dear First Time Momma…

Dear First Time Momma, You're just days away from giving birth to your first child. I'm sure you've been told before that it will be a wonderful, magical experience - and that's true. Nothing in...
Pregnancy Goals After a Preemie | Houston Moms Blog

Pregnancy Goals After a Preemie

With my first pregnancy, I assumed I would make it to 40 weeks.  And of course, once I made it exactly to that point, I would then birth a healthy, perfect 7 lb baby.  I...
Mommy, Can We Just Stay Home? | Houston Moms Blog

Mommy, Can We Just Stay Home?

As a household with two working parents, our parent/child time is limited. We're out the door before 7 a.m. and home around 5 p.m. -- just in time to cook dinner, eat, bathe, and...
Working Mom Must Haves | Houston Moms Blog

Working Mom Must Haves

Before I became a mom, I kept a minimal number of personal items in my desk. I probably had some extra makeup for touchups in my purse, but that's where it began and ended....
Why I'm Skipping the Baby "Must Have" Lists | Houston Moms Blog

Why I’m Skipping the Baby “Must Have” Lists

Pinterest has evidently discovered I'm pregnant. Every time I open the app on my phone, my feed is completely full of baby bedding {like}, baby clothes {love}, and lists of everything I *must* have before...
Having a "High-Risk" Pregnancy is a Little Like Being a VIP | Houston Moms Blog

Having a “High-Risk” Pregnancy is a Little Like Being a VIP

I don't think any pregnant momma chooses to be high-risk.  In fact, if I could go back in time and have a perfectly normal pregnancy with my daughter without preeclampsia, a NICU stay, and a resulting...

Pregnancy After the NICU {Part 2}

"While I love the thought of a squishy newborn and {my daughter} being a big sister, I am worried about this baby that doesn’t exist yet.  What if things go wrong again?  Even though...