Jaclyn D

Jaclyn was born a Jersey Girl, but became a Texan after moving here at age 5. After a degree from Texas A&M, she began her career in the oil/gas industry within talent acquisition. Simultaneously, she realized she had a crush on a boy named Andy who became her best friend, #1 supporter, and eventually her husband 5 years ago. After many years of Inner Loop living, they welcomed their son Mason {May 2015} and made the ‘burb life’ jump to The Woodlands {hello, nature and commute}. When she isn’t working fulltime in the office, she is putting in the Starbucks fueled hours at home hoping to be a great ‘employee’ for her spirited, sweet, non-stop energy, at-home boss - son Mason. {Side Note :: Being a boy mom should have a manual included at the hospital. Amen?} While off the clock for both jobs, Jaclyn is getting connected in her church, trying the newest workout fads {jogging doesn’t cut it}, making to-do lists, crossing off said to-do lists, Mexican food, wine, wine, wine and trying to convince her husband that New Girl IS a funny show.

I Can See In The Dark {+ Other Super Mom Powers}

The term Super Mom is thrown around a lot. We try to do it all - raise kids, run a household, work in some fashion, maintain friendships and romantic relationships, enjoy the moment… the...
4 Steps to Take BEFORE Middle of the Night Illnesses Strike! | Houston Moms Blog

4 Steps to Take BEFORE Middle of the Night Illnesses Strike!

The other night, I used couch cushions as a makeshift bed so I could sleep next to my son’s crib. While I find him incredibly cute, this wasn't because I had an overwhelming desire...

7 At-Home Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you are like my husband and I, Valentine's Day now looks quite different with a toddler in the picture. For now, gone are the days of fancy dinner reservations, overpriced parking, roses, and enormous...
{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs

I’ve never labeled myself as a high-heel girl. Unfortunately, when I look at a ‘hot’ pair of heels, I don’t get all googly-eyed like some girls do. Instead, I assess how much pain they...
My Toddler Hates Me | Houston Moms Blog

My Toddler Hates Me

My husband and I recently entered the toddler stage with our son. It's the phase of life where you actually start parenting. Gone are the days of just keeping them alive - you must now...
12 of the Most Kid-Friendly Airports Across the U.S. | Houston Moms Blog

12 of the Most Kid-Friendly Airports Across the U.S.

If I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of flying. Airport bathrooms, walking barefoot through security, stagnant airplane smell, passengers in the row ahead of me urinating in their seat {true story}, any kind...

A New Mom’s #1 Frenemy :: Social Media

As a mom of a toddler, I often find completely random things in my hair. Food, amoxicillin, milk, and the occasional booger have made their way into what was once an untampered head of hair. It's gross,...
EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

The Perfect App For When You Just Can’t As a Mom

Many moments in the last 15 months of my son’s life have left me speechless. The time he simultaneously peed into both mine AND his own face. When he had cat-like reflexes and pulled...
Show that Daycare Search Who’s #MomBoss | Houston Moms Blog

Show that Daycare Search Who’s #MomBoss

When I found out we were pregnant, it was completely surreal and a little hard to believe. I felt the same, I looked the same, and knowing a human was growing inside of me...
Buying an Old Home :: Beyond the White Picket Fence | Houston Moms Blog

Beyond the White Picket Fence :: Lessons Learned From Buying a “NewOld” Home

Several months after my son was born, I was blindsided by a major realization. It wasn’t the one where I realized that many sounds he made would automatically make me run through a mental...