Jenn L

Jenn is an English teacher turned stay at home mom to boys Wyatt {2010}, John {2013}, and Abram {2014}. South Louisiana born and raised, North Louisiana educated, and Texas “polished,” she has found Houston to be home with her husband for the past ten years. After infertility struggles, in 2010 she traded in A Tale of Two Cities for Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and has since been busy discovering ways to learn while playing, maintaining a semi-scheduled family life, and integrating both Texas and Louisiana culture into her family. Besides making memories with her boys full time, she enjoys reading, running, crafting, cooking, and football. Y’all stop by When In Doubt, Add More Salt to read more about family adventures with the boys and Jenn’s thoughts on hot summers and Pinterest pin attempts, and her love/hate relationship with March Madness brackets.

Celebrate the Winter Games with Fun Family Activities

I've been a patriotic soul since the first time I heard Lee Greenwood singing his classic "Proud To Be An American."  I just may have belted it out and danced with pot lids with...

Houston’s Top 10 Neighborhoods for Christmas Light Cruising

The whole family packed in the car ... everyone "ooh-ing and aah-ing" and arguing over which house had the best lights ... and then coming home and deciding next year we'll up our game...

Hey Mom, Please Just Stop Talking

I've graduated, Friends. At this stage in the game we are stroller free on our morning walk to school. All three boys plow the sidewalks on scooters to drop off our oldest at school. I want...

Calling All Star Wars Moms, The Force is With You Too!

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there that for the most part, Star Wars is a dad/son thing. I know; I'm cringing just writing that and am well aware that...
Cheap At-Home Fitness Tips {For Keeping My Budget & My Backside Tight} | Houston Moms Blog

Cheap At-Home Fitness Tips {For Keeping My Budget & My Backside Tight}

Most mornings at 6am I roll back the covers, stumble to the bathroom, and change into appropriate attire for a very important meeting by throwing on a sports bra under my pajama shirt and pairing...
What's One More? {On Deciding to Have a Third Baby} | Houston Moms Blog

What’s One More? {On Deciding to Have a Third Baby}

Apparently we moms of 3 are the most stressed. I'm not going to argue for or against this study. Moms everywhere have their own struggles; we all go through hard times. Having three kids...
Returning to Work ... After Staying at Home | Houston Moms Blog

Returning to Work … After Staying at Home

Cover letters are as polished as they will be. Online applications are turned in. Hard copies of résumés are in the mail. After 7 years as a stay-at-home mom, it's now the season {with fingers crossed and...
To the Mom of Three Young Children | Houston Moms Blog

To the Mom of Three Young Children

You've somehow found yourself to be a mom of 3 young children at the museum. It's a children's museum. They are young. They are going to have an absolute blast. But something between worry and terror...

One Mom’s Revealing Selfie

The other day I snapped a selfie. It was this selfie to be exact... And I couldn't help but think, when did I get so old? And the train continued ... how did I get...
Simple Tips for Post-Game Snacks for Kids | Houston Moms Blog

Simple Tips for Post-Game Snacks for Kids

After a quick polling of my friends, it's clear that not many are jumping up and down in excitement just ready to sign up for team snacks. Our culture has made it a necessary...