Jessica E

Jessica has been a bit of a nomad, moving constantly growing up. It was during her time in undergrad at University of Houston {Go Coogs!} that she planted some roots and proudly has called Houston home for the past 20 years. Somewhere in these 20 years, she received her Master of Science in Counseling, became a licensed professional counselor, married her best friend, and had a very spirited, independent daughter {September 2017}. Jessica is best known for her hustle, her resourcefulness, and forever searching for this elusive thing in life we call balance. She is a bubble tea addict so you can most likely find her at various Teahouse locations working on her growing mental health private practice, Ajana Therapy & Clinical Services in Montrose. She is passionate about mental health, especially related to maternal mental health, as her own birth and postpartum were pretty traumatic. Jessica and her clinicians write about various mental health topics on their blog and on Instagram @ajanatherapy.

Herstory:: Celebrating and Learning from Women’s History in America

Who Runs the World? Girls! If that song doesn’t pump you up every time you hear it, I don’t know what does! March is Women’s History Month and serves as an opportunity for us to...

Human Trafficking Awareness Month:: Know the Facts and Get Involved

Behind California, Texas has the highest numbers of victims of human trafficking in the nation. In a recent article published by the Houston Chronicle, it was reported that the most accurate study comes out...

Your Grief Included:: Being the Spouse of Someone Who is Grieving

While the holidays are a special time of year that are looked at with lots of love and joy and time spent with family. For some, the holidays are filled with grief and can...
Family crowded around a book

National Family Literacy Month:: How and Why to Get Kids Reading at Home

National Family Literacy Month This year in November, most of us are thinking among other things about the election and Thanksgiving; however, a lesser known albeit important event, that frankly I am glad to focus...
Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Friday Favorites:: Edition 4

Happy Friday folks! What does that even mean anymore? Friday has lost some of it’s excitement and relief it once held. Maybe one of my Friday Favorites will spark some of that Fri-Yay spunk...

Mommy Burnout:: The Motherload of Tired

I'm tired. But I’m lying awake, thoughts racing all night, popping Ativan to shut it off. I’ve never had to use that before, even in my worst anxiety.  I attempt to hold my office, my...
This Will All Make Sense Post COVID

Things Will All Make Sense Post-COVID

Anyone else beginning to relate more and more with Olaf in Frozen 2 as COVID times continue? No? Just me. Cool.Sing along if you know the tune!  “Things will all make sense when I am...

Pride Month:: From Uprising to Celebration

June is Pride Month, which is celebrating its 51st year this year. The timing of Pride coinciding with the recent riots and protests after the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters...

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month:: Books for My Filipina-American Daughter

My husband is a first-generation Filipino. Since I was pregnant with my daughter, knowing the other half of her heritage has been very important to me. I am extremely cognizant of my daughter reading...

Maternal Mental Health:: When Depression Hits Before Giving Birth

I found out I was pregnant in a bathroom at Starbucks. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a mom.  You’ll want to have kids one day, they say.  Calling the OB office the next...