J.M. hails from everywhere and nowhere, all at once. She is the product of a man who served his country well, and a mother who learned to wrangle three children, for thirteen years, across six military bases worldwide. She resides in Houston where she has established a wonderful life full of happiness and joy, while holding onto a multitude of time-consuming jobs. The one thing that brings warmth to her heart is her loving son Conner {September 2009}, whom she refers to as Tiny Tot. She is a proud alumna of Louisiana State University, where she served in many leadership positions, the most important of which was a Colorguard Captain in The Golden Band from Tigerland. Although her love of learning and literature produced a degree in education, she is currently an autotransfusionist and part-time professor for the Department of College Preparatory at San Jacinto. She enjoys sports photography and baking on the weekends, along with being a freelance writer, blogger, and writer of women’s fiction. Her most recent crowning achievement is her novel, A Soul Divided, which is available for purchase on Amazon.
Let's Play Ball:: All About Spring Sports | Houston Moms Blog

Let’s Play Ball:: All About Spring Sports

I never thought I'd say this. In fact, I never thought I'd admit it. If I'd been asked before I was pregnant, I'd have laughed like a hyena, denying the possibility. If it had...

3 Practical Tips for Parenting Through Divorce

One of my favorite sayings of all time {mostly because I made it up} is that no one steps up to the altar thinking, "If this doesn't work, I'll just get a divorce." It...

Chronic Pain Warriors are Mothers, and We’re Everywhere

As mothers, we do everything for our children with marginal complaint. We may holler, "I said put your shoes on, child!" after mentioning it fifteen times between making breakfast, pulling out clothes, packing lunches, and making...

6 Tips Every Parent Should Know When Teaching a Child to Read

Many people attribute a child's ability to read as a light bulb effect. The switch is flipped, the light comes on, everything about the way letters form together to makes words just makes sense, and the...

This October, Pledge to Take Responsibility for Your Breast Health

It Felt Like The Worst Day Ever ... Last year, for the third time, I sat in a small waiting area, dressed in a pink top with gaping armpit holes, trying my best to cover...

Hurricane Harvey Renewed My Faith in Co-Parenting

Over the last year, my ex-husband and I have not seen eye-to-eye on our approaches toward raising our son. An ugly child support and custody modification case arose from this, where the words, "according...

10 Back to School Essentials You Might Be Forgetting

It's not until we're standing in the middle of Target, clutching a paper list of school supplies in our hand, mentally screaming that nothing matches what the school's asked for, that we -- as parents...

My Top 10 Picks for Netflix {WITHOUT} Kids

If you're anything like me, at the end of a long day, you need me time. This means time to reset, recharge, and remember what's it's like to have a second without hearing, "Mommy, can you...

Divorce Is Not A Dirty Word

I knew the moment I would get divorced. It didn't come in moments and seconds - those I believed I could overcome. The moments he would scream the word divorce in a fit of...
Houston Cinco de Mayo {Let's Fiesta!} | Houston Moms Blog

Cinco de Mayo in Houston {Let’s Fiesta!}

I believe I was 14 when I first heard the term "Cinco de Mayo." Hip with the Spanish lingo, having spent all of three years in Texas, I knew the term meant May 5th - the...