Joi B

Joi was born and raised in San Antonio. After a brief pit stop at the University of Texas in Austin, Joi moved to Houston in 1994 and began checking boxes off her never ending to do list. During this time and in no particular order, Joi taught a little bit of everything between first and eighth grades, got married and then divorced, completed grad school, birthed a few babies – Ferris {November 1997}, Warren {December 1999} and Laylah {March 2006}, moved an old lady into her home – Granny {January 1925} started working in Human Resources, served an excessive amount of time (on boards, in booster clubs, team momming) as a crazy sports momma, and learned a lot of life lessons. Joi is known for her unabashed honesty, always present sense of humor and her #TeamTooMuch style of doing everything. On most days, you can find her caught up in her love/hate relationship with politics, feeding her Facebook addiction, or counting the number of days until her last child graduates from high school.

Failure is Underrated:: I Should Have Let Him Fall

I used to believe that protecting my children from the infinite number of ills that might befall them was the single most important task of the gig. Trips and falls. Diseases. Cavities. Mean people....
Fun Gift Ideas for Grown Ups

Fun Gift Ideas for Grown Ups Available On Amazon for Under $20

Thinking of gift ideas for grownups that won't blow a budget is a challenge. We have lots of options, all available on Amazon for less than $20. The season for gift giving has arrived! And...
Lessons and Leotards from Lizzo

Leotards and Lessons from Lizzo

The Prequel I heard Lizzo play the flute before I ever heard any of her lyrics or saw her perform. Let me be clear, without any of the present day fanfare - I classified her...
Houston Moms Blog "My Name is Joi and I'm a Cheater" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

My Name is Joi and I’m a Cheater

My name is Joi and I am a cheater. There. I said it. I cheat. I make no excuses about it. Adulting is hard work and sometimes, we just have to get through by...
Begrudgingly Back in the Back to School Game | Houston Moms Blog

Begrudgingly Back in the Back to School Game

When I started this gig, in the Back to School Game, my skills were on point. There were systems and routines. Every move was the result of research and planning. My playbook was extreme....

National Ice Cream Day:: Fulfilling Your Civic Duty One Scoop at a Time

Back in 1984, then President Ronald Reagan named every third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day. It is not like we need an excuse to enjoy ice cream, but knowing there is an...
Surviving the Absence of Kids:: A Divorced Mom's Summer Bucket List

Surviving the Absence of Kids :: A Divorced Mom’s Summer Bucket List

  School is out. It's almost that time again. The 42-day stretch of summer break with the father is on the horizon. Let me be clear. My kids get on my every-last-nerve. And I do...
Seeking Double XX Chromosomes and Wildest Dreams | Houston Moms Blog

Seeking Double XX Chromosomes and Wildest Dreams

My first baby had a penis. As luck would have it, so did my second baby. While these babies were relatively cute and fulfilled all the general expectations that one has for babies - my heart...

Mother’s Day Magnificence :: Let Us – Help You – Help Them

*Whispers quietly* Psssst… Mom. Mommy. Mother. Momma. Ma-Ma... and all the other M-words. YES, YOU. If you've birthed a baby, adopted, fostered, raised or otherwise contributed to the growth and development of a child...
The College Admissions Scandal:: This is Personal | Houston Moms Blog

The College Admissions Scandal :: This is Personal

The headlines are plentiful. If I had to guesstimate, I figure there no fewer than fifty-eleven thousand articles on the topic floating around the internet right now. If I had to combine the major...