Kathleen F

Kathleen was born and mostly raised in the Houston area and now resides in Katy with her husband David and their two kids Meredith {July 2011} and Liam {January 2014}. She works full-time as an oncology nurse, and she is involved in a number of areas at her church, Grace Fellowship. She loves reading books of all sorts, learning new crafts, goal-setting, list-making, and personality typing {she's an ISFJ, Enneagram 9 - and if you know what that is, she likes you already}. Keep up with her on Instagram {@kapachino}, or sign up for her fun monthly newsletter.

How To Read More Books {Yes, You Can Do It!}

Are you one of the many moms who would like to read more books? It's possible! No really, it is! I love reading - it's my escape, my exploration, my classroom. But I can't tell...

25 Things To Do With Grandchildren in Houston

Today is Grandparents' Day, and although our city is still in the midst of storm recovery, we want to be sure to honor these special people. Many of us have strongly felt their support...

Minimalist Bullet Journaling For Moms

Have you heard of bullet journaling? It's a flexible method of organizing your lists and plans that only uses a notebook and pen, and I'm obsessed with it. What is Bullet Journaling? First things first... If...

Addiction :: The Family Disease

I knew my husband was an addict when I married him. But the thing is, I thought he was cured. He was an addict, but surely now he's not. He did a week of detox...

The Gift of a Father’s Presence, Both Past and Present

Father's Day is just days away, and this week a few Houston dads have graciously contributed their thoughts on parenting. Today, David, husband of Houston Moms Blog's own Kathleen, reflects on the gift of a...

5 Ways to Give Your Kids a “Magical” Summer as a Working Mom

Summer is one of the hardest seasons for a working mom. There's the childcare issue: we have to scramble to figure out what to do with these kids for three months while we go to...

5 Secret Library Hacks {+ Bonus Digital Resources & Services Too!}

Did you know that the second week in April is National Library Week? I use the library almost exclusively for reading, and I thought I knew what it had to offer. I was wrong!...

Tips For Getting Through a Hard Season

There are always going to be hard days. You wake up late; maybe someone is sick; the kids have tantrums; work is stressful; nothing is going as planned. In my experience, these days happen...

What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer

When I'm not mothering or sleeping, I'm an oncology nurse specializing in administering chemo. So while I usually focus on helping people get through cancer treatment, I'd rather not have to meet my patients in the...
Best Houston Neighborhoods

Documenting Your December

One of my favorite recent holiday traditions is putting together a small photo album or minibook that documents our December. What makes this better than regular photobooks is that I only bring them out...