Keri A

Keri, a Marine-Corps military brat, has lived all over the country; though, she claims Colorado as her home. Her greatest joys include her God, family, and education. She married the love of her life, Ryan, 16 years ago, after meeting him at Utah State University, where she received her degree in business information systems. She has a passion for helping others and for advocating for children with disabilities, as well as womanhood and motherhood. Together, she and Ryan have one teenager Matthew {2004}, David {2006}, a deceased daughter Rachel {would be 9 1/2}, Ethan {2010}, and the most adorable puppy ever, Izzy. After rounds of fertility drugs, high-risk pregnancies {including some bouts of cancer and other health challenges}, Keri has realized the precious blessings of life. Being the mother of two special needs children presents some challenges, but it also allows her to see the world through beautiful minds. Losing Rachel has caused for much grief and pain, but it's also solidified her testimony in God's plan for her life and helped her to feel compassion and empathy for others. Much of her early career found her in marketing and office opportunities, always writing on the side. During 2016, Keri had the chance to face several health challenges, enduring 10 surgeries in one year. It was through these challenges that Keri recognized her desire to go back to school for another degree, as well as gave her the courage to write her first novel. She left the marketing realm and set off to join the forces of HR. She thoroughly enjoys being back in school, while also serving and advocating for the employees of her company. On a night off, you might find her playing games with her kids or catching a movie and sushi with the hubs.
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