Kimberly W

Kimberly grew up in Houston before heading to College Station {with a quick layover in Waco} to earn her bachelor degree from Texas A&M {Whoop!}. Upon graduating, she began working in construction, which took her around the world. She's worked in Singapore, Algeria, and Perth, Australia and obtained an MBA from Rice University somewhere in between. She has an amazingly hilarious husband, John, and two wild ones - a daughter, Gabrielle {January 2014} and a son, Calum {October 2016}. She's known to enjoy a competitive game of 42 dominoes or whatever pick-up sport you suggest. She loves a crisp glass of champagne, a great shoe sale, and a good movie to sleep through. Find her on instagram @htxmom and blogging at

Dear Dad :: A Family Journey Into Dementia

Dear Dad, There just isn't anyone quite like you. You are a one of a kind guy. I realize that sounds trite. But many others, even those outside our family, concur on this point. You...
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:: HMB's Favorite Finds

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:: HMB’s Favorite Finds

My second most favorite "mom mental vacation" time of the year is coming up :: Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! This ranks just behind the first day of school {also on the horizon}. I enjoy perusing...
Two smiling children hugging each other on a trail.

Top 10 Houston Area Hikes to Take with the Family This Summer

My Houston-based mamas, hear me out on this one. We all know that in Houston we run for air-conditioned heaven right about the second week of May until towards the end of October. It gets...
What Terrifies Me About Working From Home | Houston Moms Blog

What Terrifies Me About Working From Home

credit :: Masami Photography After 15 years, I have divorced Corporate America. There may be a reconciliation at some point, but not likely. I feel pretty amazing about my choice. As in any divorce, I...
Houston Area Guide to Fruit Picking and a free printable. Logo: Houston moms blog. A photograph of strawberries and greens.

Houston Area Guide to Fruit Picking {Plus Free Produce Printable}

Now that winter cold fronts are beginning to wane and spring weather is officially in sight, it’s time to come out of hibernation! Picking berries and other local produce is SUCH a fun activity...
Companies Leveling Up :: Innovative Ways Corporate America is Supporting Moms and Families | Houston Moms Blog

Companies Leveling Up :: Innovative Ways Corporate America is Supporting Moms and Families

Women now account for just under half of the labor workforce in the U.S. Women have earned the majority of bachelor degrees since the early 1980s. As of 2015, 70% of all mothers...

The Fight Box :: My Family’s New Year’s Resolution

My husband gave me this homemade "fight box" surprise for Valentine's Day 2018 {containing a nice bottle of Cabernet}. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. Neither is my husband. So the fact...
A woman from behind.

Does Rachel Hollis have a Dark Message?

A recent Buzzfeed article caught our Houston Mom's Blog community's attention. The author, Laura Turner, makes the case that while Rachel Hollis, a wildly popular social media influencer, author, and lecturer, connects women, and...
A Conversation with a Houston Foster Mom :: A Journey from Fostering to Adoption | Houston Moms Blog

A Conversation with a Houston Foster Mom :: A Journey from Fostering to Adoption

In honor of National Adoption Month, Houston-based foster mother, Amber, shares her experience in her journey to adopt.  Describe your family before considering becoming a foster parent. What led you to consider being a foster...

Top 9 Home Decor Trends Coming in 2019

As the holidays approach, you may be considering giving your home a fresh touch, putting the plans in place for a major remodel in 2019, or perhaps considering a change of home address altogether....