Kristine H

Kristine grew up in Houston where she met her husband Richard. The high school sweethearts welcomed their daughter Kara {2014} after naturally overcoming infertility. Sixteen months later, their son Ray {2015} joined their family. She balances the allergy mom life as well as a full-time job at an oil & gas supermajor where she is the queen of PowerPoint. Her Houston roots run deep with her Bachelors degree from the University of Houston and MBA from Rice University. Kristine loves traveling, good food, and experiencing all things H-town with family and friends, especially drinks {bars, breweries, boutique coffee shops!}, museums, and of course, BEYONCÉ. You can follow her adventures on vu hu life, Instagram and Twitter {@vuhulife}.

The Hybrid Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Congrats! You're pregnant. And now...nothing fits. The in-between phase where neither regular clothes nor maternity clothes fit is inevitable. For some it lasts for the first trimester, for others it may last well into...

Houston Mocktail Quest

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great night out with your main squeeze or girl friends. Sure, the company you keep may elect in an adult beverage or two {…or...

The Misconception That Almost Killed My Daughter

My attempt to be an educated and proactive parent put me in a situation where I found my infant daughter in anaphylaxis. These days, I can fire-up Facebook and see what the latest research...

Dear Stranger… Don’t Touch My Belly

Dear Stranger: I don’t know you, but please don’t touch my belly. Heck. Even if I DO know you but we aren't quite friends, please don’t touch my belly. I see you in Kroger. I'm eyeing...

I Failed my Breastfeeding Goal…but it’s okay

Goals. I have filled my life with goals. Motherhood was no different, so I made goals including taking a shower within 24-ish hours of having the baby, brushing my teeth before noon while on...
Real mom bods. A photograph of Seven women in swimsuits standing together in front of a pool.

Real Mom-Bods

You're in the grocery store and strewn across the racks of the checkout line are magazine covers with so-and-so-famous in a bikini, 3 months postpartum, and she’s telling us how she got her body...

A Mom’s Night Out at Topgolf Spring

Last week I had the opportunity to head out to Topgolf Spring for their Women's Happy Hour event, and it was a great night of wine tasting, good food, hanging out, and of course… Topgolf! A couple...
connecting with someone of another race

Connecting With Someone of Another Race

This is not another piece on the Internet that's meant to shame you about race. Think of this as another iteration of articles you've already read by other moms about other difficult topics ---...

How I Met Your Father {High School Sweetheart Edition}

Okay, Kara. Have a seat. I'm going to tell you a little story of how I met your father. And hold that baby doll; pretend it's your new baby brother or sister! I know. You're...

The Survivor’s Guide to International Travel with an Infant

Congratulations. You’re about to join the unofficial elite club called International Parents of Misery. With the right amount of preparation and setting of expectations, you can surely strike misery from that title as you...