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Kristin K

Kristin is a native Houstonian who met Russell, her handsome, hilarious, guitar-playing husband as a student at SFA.  They were married as college seniors in 2004 and have been learning the ropes in life together ever since. She became mom to a daughter, Campbell, in May 2008 and a son, Bennett, in October 2010.  Everything felt very complete with a rockstar husband and two blue-eyed babies.  A few years ago, life was turned upside down in the best ways with a call to adoption.  In late 2015 they added their spunky girl, Elliott Hope {September 2013} to the family via international adoption.  In 2017, they brought home everyone’s favorite little brother, Isaiah {January 2015} from China as well.  Life is more full {and more crazy!} than she ever imagined. Kristin is a pastor and a licensed counselor.  She spends half her time working at The Waters Church in Katy, running a not-for-profit counseling center connected to the church and overseeing the church's women's ministry and aspects of pastoral care.  She spends the other half of her time at home doing crowd control and pretending that in some universe she can keep the house clean today. There is nothing more significant in life to her than her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She feels passionate about ministry, family, sleep, people, Target, adoption, and coffee.  So much coffee.
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