Kyla H

Kyla was born in Alaska, but has lived in the Houston area most of her life. She met her husband Josh online when they were in middle school, and they married shortly after high school. They have three wonderful children, Nathaniel {April 2002}, Katie {February 2005}, and Josephine {April 2015}. Katie and Josie both have their own special medical issues and keep life at the Hebert house exciting every day! Katie has a metabolic disorder, suspected to be mitochondrial disease, and a host of other conditions that stem from that. Josephine was born with a congenital heart defect that was not diagnosed until she was almost 3 months old, and was later diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies. In spite of the craziness at home, Kyla graduated from UHD in 2014 with a degree in psychology. She spends her days homeschooling Katie, caring for Josephine, trying to come up with allergy-safe meal plans, and occasionally ferrying Nathan to and from high school events. She enjoys writing, photography, listening to podcasts {mostly true crime}, binge-watching shows with her husband, and spending time with friends. You can keep up with their adventures at Life Is….

The Days Are Long, Even If You Cherish Them

Remember that wistful mom who approached you at Target and gazed at your chubby tot while urging you to CHERISH IT ALL, because her kids are big now and it just went by too...

Harvey Moms :: Relief Efforts by Families for Families

Ever since Harvey hit the Houston area, it has been a surreal time in many ways. There is still so much devastation and heartbreak; so many people are still very, very far from returning...

All Your Homeschooling Questions Answered

I am about to start my fourth year of homeschooling my middle child. My oldest attends public school and my youngest is not yet school age. I’m not sure if she will be homeschooled...

7 Things to Love About Parenting Teenagers

Even before I became a parent, I absolutely knew that I loved babies and toddlers. I had worked in early childhood education for years and was eager to have my own little ones. This...

To the Mamas of Children Fighting Invisible Battles

To the mamas of children fighting invisible battles... I see you. I see you struggle to give your child as much of a "normal" life as possible. I see you constantly second-guessing yourself; am I being too...

Grenade on the Playground

Imagine this scene with me: You are at the park with your toddler. It's a gorgeous Houston day, 70s and sunny with a slight breeze. Your child is laughing as she runs, and you...
Two Little Secrets For Surviving Infancy | Houston Moms Blog

Two Little Secrets For Surviving the Infancy Season

I think there are two little facts that make surviving the season of infancy so much easier. Ready for this? 1. They are ALL good babies. 2. This season is all-consuming, but it does end. How many...
In Defense of the Post-Baby Body | Houston Moms Blog

In Defense of the Post-Baby Body

It seems like every time I turn around I'm reading headlines or ads about getting your post-baby body back or posts from mamas bemoaning their postpartum physique. I understand it to a point, I...

One of the {Lucky} 1 in 100

My daughter Josephine is one of the 1 in 100 babies born with a congenital heart defect {CHD}. She is also one of the 1 in 4 of CHD babies that require life-saving surgery within...

Why I Don’t Run Errands With My Toddler

I suspect I might be an outlier in this respect, but I don't run {solo} errands with my toddlers. If it can be avoided, then I avoid it. When my teen and tween were...