Lacy H

Lacy H. is the mom of two teenage girls - Anna Jane {2002} and Ally {2005} - and has been married to her partner in all things, Lucas, since 1998. A 4th generation Baylor Bear, she bleeds green and gold. You’ll often catch her listening to everything from Dr. Dre to Panic! At the Disco and watching “Criminal Minds” and “30 for 30” on TV. Her mid-life “growth” has included learning to play a pink bass and adding to her tattoo collection. This season has also moved her away from two decades of serving and leading in the Christian Church. Her personal journey through brokenness and healing grounds her life. Sometimes the road has taken turns filled with rebellion and pain, other times it has been beautiful and full, but it has always been an adventure. After years of crafting communication though the spoken word, she found a passion for writing. Continually fumbling through the messiness of life, all of her faith and doubt and healing can be found on her blog, The View From The Bathroom Floor. Lacy’s interests include LUSH, the weather {she has 6 weather apps}, knitting, podcasts, college football and growing up. You can follow Lacy on Facebook and Instagram @theviewfromthebathroomfloor and Twitter @lhilbrich.

I Survived:: Lessons From Grown-up-ing

I celebrate my 46th birthday in a matter of weeks, but the past month has given me a few brand spankin’ new firsts, and I’m here to tell you about a few. To fully...

Not In My Family:: Never Say Never

I can vividly remember sitting in a preschool moms' group watching two kids play aggressively. My kids will never... Then there was the time that I saw a fellow 2nd grade parent choose to...

Here’s Where to Donate Your Used Items in Houston

It's a new year. If you are anything like me, you are desperate to forget about and clean up the wreckage of 2020. As you organize and clean, the "to donate" pile grows. If you...

Did I Just Say That Out Loud? {The Teenage Years}

I'm fairly certain that this post should begin with a fair warning. I do me. And when it comes to motherhood, I am so down for teenagers. There is a small window in the...

Sex After Trauma:: Fighting for Your Worth

I wish my contribution to this sexy after-dark series was sexy or even lived in the dark. I wish it was romantic and enticing. Instead, I know that I, like 1 in 5 women...

New Ways to Advocate:: Becoming an Election Poll Worker

I am an advocate. At my very core, I fight. This trait is embedded deeply and fuels most of my desires to engage in the world. I am also more introverted than most would...

Ready, Set, Don’t Go:: Another Disappointing Milestone for the Class of 2020

There is no bet I would have won in March that could have included accurate predictions of the last 4 months. As a mom of a Class of 2020 high school senior, I honestly...

Searching For a Home:: The Quest for Spiritual Community

If the loss of school and work and our social lives was not enough for one pandemic to take, this season of distanced existence has illuminated the need for new spiritual communities and connections...

Scoliosis Awareness Month:: Bent But Not Broken

The first time she bent over and I noticed a bump on her right side, I assumed that her training was too intense on her dominant arm. At 13, my daughter was approaching 5'10"...
Class of 2020

This is Not How We Planned It:: Celebrating the Class of 2020

It wasn't supposed to end this way for the Class of 2020. Many of you were in our bellies as we watched the Twin Towers fall the day our lives changed forever. The world...