Lindsay Garrett

Lindsay G. was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and she and her husband headed south to Spring in June of 2016. As a clinical social worker, she works full time with families growing their families through adoption. Lindsay met her husband John when they were both camp counselors. They welcomed their future little campers G in December 2017 and R in 2020. Lindsay is constantly reading, researching at least one new thing, and attempting to organize her life through bullet journaling. Her first book, Parent Goals: The Millennial’s Guide to New Parent Preparedness will be published in November 2021. In her free time, she enjoys binging Gilmore Girls on a loop, baking, and running in the Houston area’s beautiful parks. Check out her website for parenting prep, support, and more.

5 Indoor Play Options in the Spring/Woodlands Area

Rainy day got you stuck inside with your kids? Searching for something to do on the 5 days a year it is too cold to go outside in Houston? We’ve got you. Here are...
kids in Christmas pajamas in front of tree

Why We Don’t Buy Gifts for Our Kids

Christmas time is coming, and I’ve already started our gift list. It's a detailed color-coded spreadsheet with everyone we need to buy for added. Enneagram One life, am I right? But you know who...

7 Tips for Crafting DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming, mamas! Are you considering making your kids' costumes this year? If so, here are some expert tips for crafting easy and adorable DIY Halloween costumes. Start early First have your kids settle on...
woman with hands on head upset at mess

Sensory Needs Crash Course for Moms

Sensory needs are becoming more and more known in children. Often associated with children with autism, sensory needs are actually applicable to all children {and really, humans}. Sensitivity to noise, visual stimulation, touch,...
woman hugs girl in front of school bus

11 Ways to Ease the Back to School Transition {+ Free Printable}

Y’all, transitions are hard. Especially for our little people. Think about a time when you’ve gone through a huge change. Starting a new job. Having a kid. Getting married. Moving to a new city....
boys holding hand jumping in pool

In Defense of The Lazy Summer

Remember summer 2020? When the world was closed? When we stopped taking our kids to the grocery store? When even the park sometimes felt unsafe? Of course you do, we’re all still unpacking the...
child at play kitchen

6 Reasons Why I Don’t Direct My Child’s Play

“Play is the work of childhood.” This quote is attributed on the internet to Jean Piaget, Mr. Rogers, and Maria Montessori. Whoever said it, I believe it. Play is how our kids learn, grow...

The Six Types of Mom Friends You Need to Survive

Yes, mom friends are hard to make. Especially these days when it seems like every six months we are back to canceling playdates, school, and other social events. But in the event that you...

Navigating Gendered Clothing for Kids

My oldest child is a girl, and I knew early on that I didn’t want her life to be buckets of pink and bows and glitter. One of the values of my parenting is...

How to Make A Christmas Birthday Special

My eldest child was born two days before Christmas. She was due on the 15th, but as is common with first babies, it was a week past before she graced us with her presence....