Lisa O

Lisa is an Illinois to Texas transplant, landing in Katy in 2012. She and her husband brought their big blended family to the Lone Star State and have since added grand children to the mix. A long time ago, Lisa graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Journalism and has since been published on various websites, including BlogHer. Additionally, she was a member of the 2015 cast of Listen to Your Mother. Austin.
woman's hand holding a holiday shopping bag filled with wrapped gifts

Best Holiday Shopping Practices for Dodging Delivery Delays

Every year as the holidays approach I tell myself that I'm going to shop early, not over do it by buying too much and have everything wrapped as soon as possible. The goal is...

The Pandemic Chronicles:: One Year After My Husband’s Retirement

The word retirement conjures up all kinds of imagery, from the well heeled older couple traveling the world, to stunning sunrises and perfect sunsets enjoyed from the balcony of your posh, yet downsized, retirement...

Who Are Your Sounding Boards?

Several weeks ago my husband and I had a disagreement, which couldn't have been too serious because I don't even remember what is was about. However, what I do remember is my certainty that...

Back to School Shopping: The Teenage Years

Back to school shopping - yay or nay? It's mostly a yay from me. When my kids were in elementary school, my excitement level for back to school shopping was on one hundred from...
Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Friday Favorites:: Sweet Summer Edition

Summer, for me, is all about finding that sweet spot - the perfect read, the perfect snack, the perfect guilty get the picture. After last year and the summer that never really was,...

Childhood Transitions:: The Invisible, Indelible Line

If your son is over the age of thirteen, do you remember exactly the last time that he reached out for your hand? I do. The last time my now thirty year old son...

Feed Your Obsession:: National Donut Day is Friday, June 4th

What's your favorite donut?  Is it jelly filled? Covered in cinnamon and sugar?  Are you a old fashioned glazed kind of girl? Or, is it an apple fritter, which I guess isn't really a...

Poetry is the Language of the Soul:: Celebrate National Poetry Month

As a life long, self-professed bibliophile, my first love was poetry and to this day, it is poetry that truly speaks to my soul. Over the years I have tried my hand at writing...
woman in menopause

The Truth About Menopause:: Things Your Mother Never Told You

Growing up, I thought that the phase of a woman's life often referred to as "The Change" - also known as menopause - was frightening. Shrouded in whispers and innuendo and accompanied by old...

Friday Favorites:: Edition 17

Welcome to this week's Friday Favorites!  This time I'm putting a spin on things by highlighting a list of  goodies carefully curated by my teen daughters, Olivia {2006} and Audra {2008}.  Surprisingly, most of...