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Michele is a native Houstonian and loves everything Texas, including the Longhorns. She and her husband were married in January 2002 and are parents to the most wonderful girls, Penelope {August 2008} and Pandora {August 2011}. A former educator, Michele is passionate about education and student learning. She spends most of her days volunteering at her daughters' schools and tutoring neighborhood children in reading. Michele loves her big family and enjoys traveling to see all her relatives as well as being the fun aunt to her nieces and nephews. Her daily goal is to laugh each day and enjoy the moments. Becoming a mom was the greatest gift for Michele, and she treasures it all, even the tantrums. You can read more about Michele, her life, and her parenting adventures on her personal blog The Adventures of Tomboys in Tiaras.

Three Things You NEED to Know about Topgolf :: Webster

On a  hot sunny July afternoon, I had the opportunity to take my two girls to Top Golf Webster. While my girls love to play outside and they each participate in sports, golf  is...
And End of Year Thank You to My Children's Teachers | Houston Moms Blog

An End of Year Thank You to My Children’s Teachers

Kindergarten and third grade are officially over. It’s been a great year. How do you know if a school year has been successful? Do you determine its worth by report card grades ? By...
How I Told My Daughter Where Babies Come From | Houston Moms Blog

How I Told My Daughter Where Babies Come From

Nine years old...what an age! They are still children, but their curiosity and ability to process real information is growing. Between the ages of 8 and 9, Penelope learned the tooth fairy was not real,...
What Does it Mean to Label a Child? | Houston Moms Blog

What Does it Mean to Label a Child?

What's in a label?  A label describes the name of a product, or the ingredients in your food. The label can offer more information on what you are looking at.    But what happens when that label...

Thank you, PTO

Parent Teacher Organization, or PTO, is a group of parent volunteers at a school.    I am a proud member of my daughters’ elementary school’s PTO. I love giving back to our school, our teachers, and...

Chanukah Has Tradition & Celebration … But It’s Not “Jewish Christmas”

Sundown December 12th marks the beginning of Eight Crazy Nights or as we call it, Chanukah.  For those who might not know, Chanukah is a Jewish holiday in which we remember when the Macabees fought against persecution from the...

Please Don’t Call Me an Adoptive Mom. I am Mom.

  I am a mom. When I am at the softball fields or swim lessons with my girls, I introduce myself as either Penelope's or Pandora's mom. The fellow parent introduces himself or herself as so-and-so's...

My Son Lost His Life … But He Saved Mine

October 26th marks 13 years. 13 years since I delivered our stillborn son. To put it mildly, 2004 was not my best year.  On June 15, 2004, at 27 years of age, I was newly...

Tips for Parents Entering the World of Special Education

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness month. While raising a child with these types of disabilities is challenging in all aspects of life, the challenges are certainly highlighted in the school setting... RTI, 504, IEP, SPED...

You Know You’re a Jewish Mom When…

I grew up Jewish, and now, practicing my religion and raising a Jewish family is a way of life for me. While not every Jewish person's life experiences are the same, most Jewish moms...