Rebecca M

Rebecca M., a mother of three successfully launched adults and recent grandmother to one adorable baby boy {Barrett, 12 months old} has enjoyed working with children her entire life. Over the course of her career, she taught nearly every grade level from preschool to 8th grade in private and public schools. Rebecca’s love of children and passion for education led her to a ministry of supporting young mothers by providing quality childcare. She now directs BELA, BridgePoint Early Learning Academy, a preschool program for infants through pre-kindergarteners. When she is not busy babysitting her grandson or managing BELA, she enjoys writing, gardening, swimming, and planning events. Married to David, her biggest supporter, friend, and companion for 31 years, Rebecca considers the strength of her family to be her number one life accomplishment and finds her greatest joys come from pouring into the lives of those she loves and serves.

Embracing the Battle With Breastfeeding

Nothing seemed to work! After trying for three weeks to master breastfeeding her son, my daughter was ready to give up. “Mom, I’m only doing this because of you,” was the last plea of...

How to Feed Your Soul so Your Kids Don’t Eat you Alive!

She spun around with her plate of spaghetti. There it was: splattered all over my freshly mopped floor. The dog immediately indulged himself in a hearty meal of meat and pasta. The food was...

The First Days of Preschool:: Preparing Children for Success

A preschool director offers expert advice on the skills to work on with your little one this summer to ensure a smooth transition to preschool in the fall.  I stood toward the back of the...

Confessions from a Nana:: Three Life Skills I Wish I Taught My Kids

I love being a Nana mostly because I am content to do nothing else but soak up my grandson’s presence. Every time my daughter asks me to spend a few hours with him I...

Snowflake Babies:: Waiting for a Womb

I first heard about snowflake babies two years ago at a dinner party I hosted for a group of young women. Our conversation had drifted to the topic of pregnancy. One woman was pregnant...

How Pandemics and Power Outages Make Empowered Parents

My three children have provided me with many sleepless nights over the years. Sometimes illness or a school project was the culprit, but most of the time I lay wide awake racked with anxiety,...

Love is a Superpower!

February is the month we recognize and appreciate “love” and the power it holds in our lives. Children exchange valentines and candy in classrooms. Lovers plan romantic dinners and special tokens of admiration for...
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