Rebecca Mueller

Rebecca M., a mother of three successfully launched adults and recent grandmother to one adorable baby boy {Barrett, 12 months old} has enjoyed working with children her entire life. Over the course of her career, she taught nearly every grade level from preschool to 8th grade in private and public schools. Rebecca’s love of children and passion for education led her to a ministry of supporting young mothers by providing quality childcare. She now directs BELA, BridgePoint Early Learning Academy, a preschool program for infants through pre-kindergarteners. When she is not busy babysitting her grandson or managing BELA, she enjoys writing, gardening, swimming, and planning events. Married to David, her biggest supporter, friend, and companion for 31 years, Rebecca considers the strength of her family to be her number one life accomplishment and finds her greatest joys come from pouring into the lives of those she loves and serves.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Preschool for Your Child

Updated January 23rd, 2023 It’s never too late to enroll your child in preschool. The preschool experience is worth the effort. Early enrollment begins in January and February, and if the program is in high...
Nana's Advice

Instagrandma: Has Social Media Replaced Nana’s Advice?

What's Your "Go-To"? When you are getting ready to start potty training your toddler, what’s your first step? Google it? Social Media? A quick topical search on Houston Moms? When I was a young mother,...

Learning to Cope When We Feel Disappointed With Our Children

I sat emotionless in my overstuffed chair gazing at nothing as tears rolled out of my empty eyes. My heart was broken. My child had disappointed me beyond my ability to cope and now...

Ask the Magic Question: How a Lazy Genius Principle Applies to Parenting

As a self-prescribed doer the catchy title, The Lazy Genius Way, caught my attention almost immediately. The title infers, get more done in less time, a value I hold highly. Kendra Adachi’s book is...

Putting Resolutions to Rest Once and for All!

Resolutions, I’ve decided, are for the young, those who still believe in the power of will and determination. I, on the other hand, am approaching the latter part of middle age and beginning a...

Unwrapping Christmas Lies, Truth and Mysteries

My kids never believed in Santa Clause when they were growing up. It wasn’t because we were trying to be “counter-culture” or because we thought Santa Clause was a terrible, non-religious tradition: we just...

How to Make Adulthood as Magical as Childhood

One of my favorite conversation starters is “What’s your superpower?” Everyone has one! Take a minute and think about it and you can probably come up with one too. Usually, it’s something that is...

Releasing Control: How I Cope with Crippling Anxiety

It was 2 am, and I was lying awake in bed riddled with anxiety. My mind, totally out of my control, raced a mile a minute. Every conceivable fear, once tucked away in the...
A woman breastfeeding a baby.

Embracing the Battle With Breastfeeding

Nothing seemed to work! After trying for three weeks to master breastfeeding her son, my daughter was ready to give up. “Mom, I’m only doing this because of you,” was the last plea of...

How to Feed Your Soul so Your Kids Don’t Eat you Alive!

She spun around with her plate of spaghetti. There it was: splattered all over my freshly mopped floor. The dog immediately indulged himself in a hearty meal of meat and pasta. The food was...